Monday, August 31, 2015

This Is What It Means To Be Family

We are still alive. I still have this blog. And it's time I get back to it!

I have had many people ask me over the past few months just how things are going with our family and some who have asked about my blog... I honestly just got into the swing of life and let other things distract me. But I feel it is time to return to the blog scene.

First of all, kids are doing great! This doesn't mean it's easy and we have had many interesting challenges come up that makes me wonder... Is this a normal kid thing or a behavior you picked up from your past? But regardless, they are doing so good. More on them in a minute...

Second, we have had some big changes! We moved to a bigger home (by the grace of God who allowed this opportunity to come to us, we are in no ways able to be in this home without it being Gods plan), we took some exciting trips (see point three), the kids started a new school, and we got a new puppy, Chloe! Well she's five so not really a puppy but I still refer to Sadie and Chloe as my puppies :) Sweet Chloe has had a rough life of abuse and neglect, so we had to foster her and then work through much patience to get her used to our home and family. I guess you could say our experience with children from hard places made us a good fit. Chloe is my little shadow at home but she is scared of everything!

Third, we went to DisneyWorld! What a true gift that was to get to take the kids and Roberts family to the magical land of Disney :) the kids had a great time and so did we, even though we had to deal with a few meltdowns (such is our life) it was still so worth it! And the kids haven't stopped talking about it so we know they had fun!

Update on my sweet girl: she is 8... That is a terrible and beautiful thing. She is so happy and goofy... Like way goofy... And loud... Always very loud... And turning into this pretty cute little ball of girly energy. She loves God and still loves to draw. Her imagination is a bit... Out there at times and she usually asks me the dumbest questions... That sounds mean but really she asks some beyond weird and just kinda dumb questions... We just laugh and smile and say "use your brain hunny" and she usually gets it.
She has started 3rd grade and I love her school and teacher, but I don't want her to be this big yet. Oh and she still does piano and gymnastics which keep us busy:)

And now for our very handsome boy: I cried and cried when he turned 10. I cried when they both started school but as I though about him being a 5th grader it just got me emotional. I love how he has started to try... To try and follow the rules, try and be respectful, try to change his year around... In the beginning, he would never try anything like that or be willing to learn from his mistakes. We have plenty of our battles, but to think back a year and some, he has come so far. He is learning to love Jesus more and more and recommitted his life to Christ at VBS camp this summer! People if you don't know God and are MISSING IT!
He is enjoying football and loves loves loves to be outside with his friends. I am proud of him and can only hope he keeps learning in all the different ways there are to learn.

Our family is basically busy but filling our lives with the things that matter most to us! I promise I will update again sooner than later. I ran into another mom who was licensed through our agency who for various reasons experienced an unexpected loss and trial concerning the adoptive journey. She said to me "Yall made it look so easy". I realized just how much more there still is to share. My friends, my family, and anyone else who found this post for whatever reason, please don't forget you all have a story to tell when you give your life to Christ. Big or small He can use your life for His glory. I hope He can continue to use mine.

Till next time!

"You have filled my heart with greater JOY..."
Psalm 4:7

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