Monday, September 15, 2014

Remember to Breathe

And then it was September...
I honestly don't know how we got to this month already. I feel time is flying by... and yet at times that it won't move fast enough haha. I don't want time to go fast by any means, just not to drag on!

So, the Fowlers are settling into our routines: school, church, work, football, piano, church (yes I said it twice bc its important), gymnastics (finally found a place yay!), sleeping, eating, playing, chores, exercise (lets be realistic here), special trips, youth group, etc...
oh, and breathing.
yeah, thats important right?

I'm not complaining... I'm grateful! All the time people tell me they don't want to bother me bc I'm so busy, or that I should relax and not be so busy... why? I am a busy driven person really. I love the times to relax and just do nothing, but honestly whenever those do happen I often find something to fill up the time with bc I just like to be busy. So having two kiddos who are interested in getting involved and being active is right up my alley. I remember praying for our crazy unknown schedules before we got the kids and thinking how exciting it will be to load up the car and go to this thing or that and so on. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't want it any other way... well maybe not so busy, but I have a good time knowing that I can provide my kids the opportunity to do the things they want as my parents did for me when I was younger (gymnastics, piano, church youth group, trips, friends, etc).
 So please don't think you are bothering me... I welcome the fun adventures... although I may complain about it... just ignore me... I don't mean it :)

Kid Update:
Elva- our sweetheart who needs to get enough sleep or she becomes Elvamonster, she is doing quite well in school although the jump in difficulty was hard for her to understand at first but she is adjusting. At home she is of course quite sweet to mom and dad and is always laughing or making us laugh. She did get her first spanking a few weeks ago for waking up with an attitude and slamming her electronic down on our dresser... I won't lie, we laughed privately afterwards bc even in the midst of crying and getting a spanking (it was more of a quick tap, but it hurt her feelings enough that she hasn't forgotten)... she was still quite cute when she came back into join the family and was sniffing. Poor thing, she is just wild sometimes, but the things she says can be so off guard funny! Her tiny voice is just precious for one thing and then her imagination and desire for knowledge just blows my mind. She will ask about anything and everything and you can always see the wheels turning in her head. She does ask too many questions though... I don't know how to stop that, but Waylon is trying to figure out how :) She loves her gymnastics place and is working to perfect her cartwheel (which I can still do pretty darn well) and we are going to be stretching so she can do her splits (ouch!).

Waylon- this little firecracker is my fuzzy headed man. His hair is very black and fuzzy on top right now and I just love to run my hands through it and tickle him like crazy. We have had us some rough days lately, specifically with school. I sigh and put up my hands bc I just don't know what else to do sometimes, but I know God has a plan and I have to surrender this sweet love to my God bc I am not strong enough or big enough to help him. Waylon has been off task, disruptive, and even a little argumentative at school. He landed in the principal's office for a few days and lied to us about it. My heart breaks for these moments bc we have worked so hard to get to where we are in our relationship. Not that I'm saying I don't expect him to ever lie to us, but it seemed that one thing after another brought on more lies and more disappointment. Last week was super rough and I don't care to go back there to that point, but I also want him to learn from it so we can move on and grow. We are implementing punishment in as much a teaching method as we can... pray for guidance and that I don't lose my mind like I almost did on Friday after his parent/teacher conference. We have a long way to go, but I know we can get there. We have already overcome so many mountains!
 I forgot to mention that Waylon also turned the big 9 in August. We had a great birthday party full of boys swimming away! I'm hoping for a more mellow birthday next year, but I'm glad he was happy... thats all I cared about!

Well since this post is long as all mine have been lately (sorry my new blogger friend), I will leave you with these kid updates.
Ok, one more thing. Tonight was my restore my faith in humanity and my kids night... we actually had time after Waylon got home from football, took a shower, elva was showered, there homework was done, reading done, and laundry was already started... to just sit and play. The kids were mad scientists cutting and creating with play-do at the table while Robert worked on some studying and I just walked into the kitchen and stopped. I just took a moment to breathe and take it all in. My family. No matter how busy we get, God has created us into a family. A unit. One, together. Its still only been less than 9 months, but how God truly works is just majestic. This time last year we had just gotten the profile for the kids and were waiting to get to know more about them. And now, we are a family.

Have you stopped to take a breath today and just look around?I recommend it :)

Psalm 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

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