Friday, July 18, 2014

Silly Giggles and all Things Loud

I'm beyond speechless at how great our God is and how much He loves us enough to care so much for our everything. Life as a forever family of 4 has been wonderful. Thank you all for your prayers and support again, the conglomerate of love and positive vibes coming at us and the kids has truly helped us to strengthen our bond. Peace has etched itself into the hearts of both kids and we are finally able to breath and relax. July has proved to be super busy, but our main objective was to help the kids feel like they are special and to make sure they know how much we love spending time with them.

Waylon is doing wonderful. He is a punk sometimes. But he is also 8, sneaking up on 9, so I know that is to be expected. Nonetheless he has turned a new leaf. Family and friends have noted how he
appears to have a new kind of light in his eyes and I agree. He is more compassionate and more loving and extra silly. He is unfortunatly the same kind of loud he was before, but with more joy behind the noise. He comes to me often and just hugs me. He says in such a quiet voice "I love you mom," and my heart just bursts. It's hard for me not to wonder how things were with his other mom... Did she get these sweet smile hugs? Did she take the time to stop and chase him through the house to hold him down and tickle him? How blessed we are to have this chance. Even when my nerves are frayed from stress and their constant sibling rivalry, I'm still grateful for two kids to get to love.
I believe Waylon still has a hard time wanting to find the best of some situations. For example, church. Working with kids is hard, but working with Waylon in a church setting where the remnants of evil are still trying to fight for his soul is like pulling out your teeth. He is a good kid and has made tremendous progress, but the one thing I want him to know is how to fall in love with the joy of Christ. He already knows life isn't easy, but to teach him how much God wants our everything and gives us satisfaction as a result is somethjng we have to keep working towards.

This sweet boy just wants to be loved and played with. Robert is so great with him. I know when Robert was younger and he saved all his hot wheels (I mean Robert had a bunch and a bunch and a bunch of hot wheels) that he was imagining one day getting to play cars with his little boy. And now he gets to do just that. Waylon always comes up to me and asks me if I can do him a "favor"... This means "mom can you stop what you are doing for a moment and, let me get a 3 second head start, and then come tickle me?" Why yes it would be my joy to spend that time with you :) I think tickling fights are my favorite, especially bc his laugh has changed since day 1 and is now one of the most precious sounds I could ever hear. It's a goofy laugh I'll give him that!

Then there is miss Elva. What can I say except she is a little hyper princess who loves to create and ask a thousand questions. She literally bounces all of the house wanting to know everything about everything and play at the same time. She puts a whole new meaning to loud though. She is also quite the bossy thing but she just so easily gets her feelings hurt and then here comes the tattling. Learning to work through a crisis is something she can't quite comprehend independently yet, but we are getting there. She is very quick to pick up on the mood of someone around her. I was pretty stressed a few days ago with a lot of things going on. As I sat next to her for family time, she just patted my leg and leaned on to give me a soft hug and say "it's alright momma". Yes baby, it is alright. No matter what I have going on, I have her and her sweet hugs and loud, I mean cute, giggles.
I believe Elva hasn't changed as much as Waylon for the reason that she hasn't completely woken up from this dream she is in. Elva had a completely different than reality view of wha happene when they got taken from their mom. She knows she won't see her other family again, but there is still a bit of unsettled business in her heart. She is happy to be with us, loves us, and is trying to follow the house rules and show me she can do her best... But there are a few lights that haven't come on in her mind regarding her past, present, and future. I know she can get there but it may take a few years before she is ready to hear the official truth of why she is here with us.

This silly little girl is very fun and opinionated. She gets away with her cuteness, but can be quite deceiving haha. We are trying to help Elva also know how fun and awesome it is to love God and trust Him. As a typical 7 year old, she thinks prayer is funny, and we are trying to help her understand it's importance. No we are not forcing our religion on these kids, but we know that kids who are exposed to Gods teachings at an earlier age and throughout their childhood have the potential to make better choices later. Their futures are up to God, I'm just doing what I feel He tells me is necessary for their souls.

Overall we are having a good time! Waylon has already planned the theme for his birthday in August and Elva has watched Frozen about 1000 times literally! Since we took the kids to six flags for forever week and we bought season passes, they have been dying to go back! We will go again soon don't worry. I look forward to all the plans we can do for family vacations and fun. Having kids is such a change, but it's a beautiful change!

I'll post more pictures soon, but it's hard to from my phone!

Let all that I am praise the lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I am praise the lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me. (Psalms 103:1, 2 NLT)