Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Sweet Reminder

The other day Robert was looking through some books in our house to decide if he wanted them in his office at the church. He has several youth ministry books that he has accumulated over the years and it was time to put them to use with his new position as full time youth pastor. So he pulled out one specific book called "Contemplative Youth Ministry." I remember giving him this book several years ago as a present. Well...  when he opened the front cover a letter fell out. It was the letter I had given him on our 4 year dating anniversary. We had just gotten engaged in November of 2005 and the date of the letter was April 27, 2006 just 4 years after our first date in 2002. In this letter I had written how I couldn't wait until we became one in marriage and how much Robert meant to me... blah blah all the gooshy stuff... but then I wrote: "I wanted to give you something this anniversary that symbolizes my support for you and your calling from God...I know one day God is going to give you a youth group that will allow you to expand your heart to the goodness of Christ...and that God is going to bless you with the knowledge you desire."

wow. just 6 years later and God would finally provide a way for Robert to enter full time ministry as a youth pastor. An opportunity we had prayed together for since he told me of his calling to youth ministry after our first year of dating. What a sweet reminder of just how much God is in control and how he uses us for His purposes even years in advance.
And yes we do have a youth group who expands our hearts because we love them... all of you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life :)

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