Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Weekend

Well this weekend was definitely fun :) We took Sadie to the dog park... where she loves to run and play with the other dogs... well... she loves to play... the running with the other dogs not so much as she is still a little chunky and gets winded easily haha... poor puppy... she just meanders from one group of dogs to the other as long as they are within a short galloping distance.

We also watched the Aggies debut this weekend in the SEC... yes we lost, but it wasn't a horrible game (well the 2nd half wasn't our best but what else is new)... I was just pumped to hear all the yells, see the maroon and white, and hang out with my family of Aggies. Don't count us out yet, we just want to enjoy this year!

We have also been trying to rearrange some items in the house... pictures and room furniture... I'll try to post some pictures and see what yall think! Enjoy the week!

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