Thursday, August 23, 2012

Refreshed and Renewed

Well hello again! I realize that I haven't written since April (thanks to Dr. Courtney for reminding me :) but things really have been busy with lots of changes so I needed a refresher break. I know there is 5 months I left out to cover so I'll make this update blog short and sweet (which if you know my other blogs does not really happen so it'll for sure be long :):

April: I have no idea what happened in this month haha! It seemed like so long ago... but what I do remember is that on the 27th Robert and I celebrated our 10th dating anniversary. 10 years ago I was a junior in high school going to the prom with a sophomore in high school (who had longer curly hair that he could whip up into a how time does fly and how time has been good to us. We are so blessed!... We also had a teen event (shocking I know) that included a 30 hour famine or fast. yes... we convinced our youth group to travel to Odessa, hang out with some other teens playing weird games and such, and to NOT EAT ANYTHING FOR 30 HOURS... somehow they participated and it worked out great... the event was to raise money and awareness for hunger in third world countries. We will be participating again :)
The 30th of the month also marked the first year anniversary without my precious Mema (grandma). I miss her still, but her memories will never be forgotten. 

May: My dad turned 50 this month so my mom, brother, and I planned a HUGE surprise party! I unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures at the event but it was themed "Oldies but Goodies" in honor of how much my dad loves music. He was definitely surprised too!
This month I had a terrible incident with my eyes... apparently I scratched my cornias and had a major infection in my left eye so I was unable to wear my contacts for 6 weeks. I never thought I could survive that long without them, but my glasses proved worthy enough and I was able to withstand the world without my contacts. 

June: Our 5th Wedding anniversary! We didn't get to take a trip because of course like every year we have youth camp to get ready for. But youth camp was great this year as we had 18 teens go (way more than last year) and a wonderful experience with worshiping Christ!

July: More youth activities! We had a very packed summer with several activities for our teens. We felt it best to provide them some great opportunities to bond with each other instead of getting into trouble elsewhere :) We took them to Dallas for fishing/shopping, Balmorhea state park, swimming, had a lock-in at the church where we played hide and go seek for literally 2 hours in the dark from midnight to 2 am, and then took them on the most killer of all road trips... Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Dallas, then back home. All in 4 days which included: horseback riding, eating at famous venues, spray painting cars, looking at one of the largest crosses in the USA, OK City bombing memorial, touring and staying at Southern Nazarene University, a Texas Rangers game, and Hurricane Harbor. Yes we are tired :) But we love them and we had a blast!

August: Rock the Desert and several special events for our church. We have had a sweet time getting to know Christ's plan for our lives more and in digging deeper into our full surrender of our lives and our marriage to His works.

Yes the summer was busy, but the biggest piece of news is that I am now the wife of a youth pastor!! Robert began full time with the church in June. I'm so happy for him and this new adventure with the teens. I mean they are like our children after all ;)

Oh I forgot to mention that Robert and I had to dye our hair for camp (Robert blue and I pink, but I only did some highlights because I mean I can't destroy my hair!!)

Till next time and I do mean it because I have much more to write about!

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