Monday, August 27, 2012

Into A Book...

Robert and I ventured tonight into the wonderful world of Barnes and Nobles... only we brought our own books to read....we settled in the comfy cushions with our tasty Starbucks...oh wait, excuse me... B&N Cafe drinks (thank you Passion Tea Lemonade :). I'm happy Robert has become more interested in reading (a new thing for his life haha) because of course I'm crazy about books and love to get lost in the stories I read. This year alone I have read over 15 books (that may not seem like alot to you but hey I do have a full time job). After I read each of the Hunger Games books like twice (ok I read my favorite parts of the books like three times), I began to read the Circle Series again by Ted Dekker... also The Help, The Vow, Crazy Love by Francis Chan... followed by an obsession with my new favorite author Francine Rivers from whom I read Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion Series (three books that are based off of the Biblical times after Acts and into Romans, very awesome). I am now reading Rivers' A Lineage of Grace about five women in the Bible from Jesus lineage... I'm only 4 chapters in and I'm hooked already! But all the above books were read on my Kindle Fire because I like to read with light apparently and I can read while I'm on my eliptical while Robert is still sleeping in the mornings :)

Also, Robert got me Illusion by Frank Peretti (Who is by far my all-time favorite author... I thought I had read all his books already until Robert came home with this one) for our anniversary in June. Since I'm such a book crazy person I was delighted to find another book by Peretti. I haven't been able to start reading it as its not on my Kindle and thus hard to read when its low light. But I started it tonight and am highly intrigued  and excited as always. After I venture off my current books I'm looking for new suggestions... have any to offer? :)

What a wonderful way to spend time with my husband... reading and enjoying the peace and quiet together :) have a great week!

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