Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

For the teens this year we wanted to give them a little surprise for back to school. Yes, its corny stuff, but with the help of Pinterest I was able to come up with some fun things to cheer them up for their first week. Included was:
-Take 5 candy bar: Take 5 and Pray
-Pencils: Stay sharp this year!
-Smarties Candy: Smarties for the Smartie
-Lollipop: Remember to "lick" any obstacles by sticking to the scriptures
-Witness bracelet: Be Bold and Witness (if you don't know what this is I have it pictured below, but it stands for He came, He died, He Arose, He ascended, He's coming back)

They thought it was pretty fun :)

*On another note: Its almost crunchy leaf season... which means fall is nearby... yay so excited!!

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