Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Back!

This post is dedicated to Mrs. Courtney Keimig... who hounded me about not blogging for about 2 months... so I'm using her wedding as a comeback post :)

We have been sooooo busy and that is really not an excuse not to blog as blogging is kind of an outlet for me, but there have been so many changes that I didn't even know where to begin. I promise to be better at informing those of you who have stuck with me and care to keep reading about whats happening in our lives.

Lets start with this weekend- Courtney and Kory's wedding! I haven't seen these amazing girls who endured and supported me through PT school since over a year ago. We met up in Houston for the amazing event:

I was so happy to get to spend a weekend away from Midland with just Robert. We haven't had a vacation alone in several months... can't realy remember the last one we had... how sad. So this weekend was well overdue. We spent Friday traveling to Houston, shopping at stores we don't have in West Texas and scoping out all the food places we were going to hit up on the trip. Saturday before the wedding we went to Galveston to see a mini Bodies exhibit at Moody Gardens. We didn't have too long to spare before the wedding, but it was nice to go on a little adventure together. I love him :)

The Amazing PT girls!

The beautiful bride!

Yummy cakes!
The groom's cake is from Star Wars... surprisingly I recognized it before Robert did... woah. It was good though!

Me and silly Stephanie drinking out coffee at the reception

The first dance for the Keimigs

and lastly... we did get our groove on, although we do not claim to be professional at anything haha!

A thanks to Stephanie as I stole some of her pictures from facebook...
The wedding was beautiful and perfect. The weekend was a breath of fresh air :)
Maybe I can get back into the swing of things, like being more in contact with my friends who are so far away from me :)

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