Monday, January 9, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland....

Oh wow its snowing! And by snowing I mean like 10 inches of snow. wow.

Whilst I was driving home early from work (because they let us early because we had NO patients who wanted to come out in the weather) I was trying to remember the most memorable moments that involved snow in my life. I came up with a top ten... really in no particular order bc I can't order them in my mind quickly enough but anyways here is the top ten snow related memories:
1. 2007 Easter weekend: a big snow occurred in Midland. Robert and I were in Abilene looking for an apartment when it began to snow on our way home... it was a fun memory bc we were looking to start our new lives together when we got married just a few months afterwards.
2. January 2007: we went skiing with the youth group (before we got married) and upon my return to Midland I had to fly into Austin and then drive to College Station.... I remember that it took me 4 hours to make the 1.5 hour drive from Austin to CS home. It was forever long, but I had a good time in my car jamming to music and praying that the roads stayed clear enough to make it home.

3. Vermont 2009: Robert's best friend invited us to come stay with him up in Connecticut and then travel to Vermont to go skiing (or snowboarding for the boys)... it was by far one of the best ski trips ever!

4. 1998? Midland had a very big snow storm come through that luckily released my brother and I from school early (I believe I was in 8th grade). We had alot of time on our hands and alot of snow to work with so we built a full size Igloo... yes Igloo. All the other people were making snowman but we made an igloo that you could crawl into and hang out for awhile... it was a good memory of my brother and I (actually working together for once :)

5. The first time I went skiing in 1997? Can't quite remember but I believe I was in 7th grade on Spring Break with our church choir. We had been touring over Texas and New Mexico and ended in Colorado where we got to go skiing. I was actually finishing ski school one morning, on my voyage trip up the ski lift, when half way through I decided to tap snow off my ski.... thus trigering the button and releasing the ski to the snow at least 40 feet below me. I had to fall off the ski lift with one ski and wait for someone to retrieve it before I could finish. Needless to say I'll never do that again.

6. The time my family got stranded in a snow storm on our way to a family reunion... THanksgiving 199? The storm was so bad we stopped at my grandparents lake house (which had no working heat or electricity bc lines were down) so we burned all the wood we could find and slept by the fire... it was cold, but a good bonding experience.

7. This is a solemn memory, but my papas funeral Thanksgiving 2007. He died on Thanksgiving and we held his funeral that Saturday when it decided to snow pretty hard. It was a beautiful moment though as we buried him under a blanket of the pure white snow.

8. Another childhood memory.... 199? It again snowed alot in Midland and my brother and I decided to make the tallest snowman alive... The Arnold Schwarzenegger of all snowman... he was well over 7 feet high and decked out with all the decor... we even were in the front page for him :)

9. Of course I can't forget the time in Portland July 2011 on Mount Hood... snow topped mountain and in shorts... great memory!

10. Sadie's first time in the snow.... December something of 2011. At first she was scared to death... now she just runs and plays :) Its so fun to watch her!

What is your favorite snow memory?

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