Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh January

Well it seems that January is my least favorite month. I always seem to get severely ill in this month and require heavy antibiotics and lots of meds to survive. I HATE medication. I take Vitamin C everyday which usually helps me ward off disease and infection, but January seems to always be the exception. Last January I was taking antibiotics for the majority of the month and this time I have already been on one round... boo. So I am sitting in my comfy bed waiting for my Unisom and NyQuil to take effect while watching recordings of Top Chef and reading The Hunger Games again (this time slowly to savor every word) on my Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire... at first I wasn't so sure about it bc I love the feel of turning pages in a book and watching myself progress through and get nervous/excited as the end of the book approaches... but with the Kindle I can read in low light such as during travel which is big for me. So even though I may be sick again, I will allow myself to slow down and chill and hope that tomorrow is a better day...

Dear Immune system,
I know that Christmas and New Years just occured but you can't take a break in January... please get back in gear and come to life so I can keep going with mine! Thanks alot!

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