Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It is so fall!

Soooo today I took one of my patients outside in our courtyard at work... he has autism and likes to run around and hide in the playhouses... while keeping him contained I found a HUGE pile of Crunchy leaves behind one of the houses... and I went crazy stomping! I love crunching leaves! It means fall is really here which makes me super happy. I think God gets really creative with the scenery in fall with all the warm colors :) I hope no one was watching me from administration upstairs or they seriously would have been laughing hysterically I'm sure... I almost for a second forgot I had a patient and was at work... and then he ran past me and I remembered again. Haha, Yay Fall!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reach, Empower, and Release

I am saddened to write this blog. I had avoided it for awhile, but after the day of grieving that I had it was time to release my emotions into the world of the internet and let them finally be taken out of my head and into somewhat organized chaos.

Our church is saying goodbye to Pastor Art, who has been with us for the past 9 years, to send him and his family where God has called them, Virginia. When the Lord calls you to do something, you had better listen and do it. I'm thankful to Art and his family that they are being obedient to Christ and to the direction He has given Art for his new church and for ours, no matter what lies ahead. I am definitely going to miss him. I hate to use the word grieving over someone (who is still alive) when I'm not sad or depressed. But the fact of the matter is that I am shaken by the realization that this family who has grown so close to my heart is not going to be around anymore (at least in the physical... thank you for technology and cell phones/fb). Art has truly become a mentor to me and I look up to his wife, Lori, so much for her gentleness and leadership. His sons, Silas, who sang with me on the praise team, and Noah, who was in our youth and thus claimed as one of my children, will also be greatly missed. I have known about this transition for awhile and have been praying for God's will to be done as I never want my will to get in the way. My will would be for them to stay forever until God comes again, but God has another idea.

Always Friends

As a reminder, Art is one of the pastors who married Robert and I. He performed the first part of our ceremony, the personal part where he introduced us as the couple we were and was able to give some background on our dating relationship and how God brought us together. No other person would have been perfect for that role except for him. He and his family have seen Robert and I through many changes and trials and prayers and fun times and hard times. I feel as though his kids grew up in school as we grew up in our young adult life.

The Gathering @ Midland, Releasing our pastor on his next venture.
There are so many things I could come up with that should be or need to be said to show just what an honor it has been to be so close to this family, but I would never sleep and thats not really healthy so I will just state the facts: God is magnificent and wonderful. His timing is always perfect, our understanding will just never stand up to how creatively He crafts every detail of our life. God has big plans for Art and the church in Virginia (and we will pray for you!), and God has something "crazy cool" for The Gathering in Midland. I absolutely love this church. Not because of my pastor, but because of the people and because of the way the Holy Spirit moves through the church. I love my church because its not about what awesome building we are in or what cool programs we have... its about the heart and the obedience to the Lord that draws us together as family. O yes I will probably find myself having some other days such as today where I was feeling so strong and comforted and then I just became suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of longing and tears flowing from my eyes. Its hard to put 9 years of mentorship behind you, but I must look to Christ for the "bigger picture" and see that Spirit is moving... will continue to move and impact lives as long as I am willing to be obedient to whatever God's plan is.

Robert just couldn't let him leave without a ride on the Harley
Thank you Art, once again, for teaching me how to Reach up to Christ so I could reach out to others. Teaching me what it means to be empowered by the Spirit. and Helping me to lean on the Lord for comfort and guidance as we Release the called to fulfill their ministries.

But just so you know I have already mapped out Virginia and how close it is to my other friend in North Carolina (5 hours away) so I will be getting with Lori to plan a vacation trip for 2013 :)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Weekend

Well this weekend was definitely fun :) We took Sadie to the dog park... where she loves to run and play with the other dogs... well... she loves to play... the running with the other dogs not so much as she is still a little chunky and gets winded easily haha... poor puppy... she just meanders from one group of dogs to the other as long as they are within a short galloping distance.

We also watched the Aggies debut this weekend in the SEC... yes we lost, but it wasn't a horrible game (well the 2nd half wasn't our best but what else is new)... I was just pumped to hear all the yells, see the maroon and white, and hang out with my family of Aggies. Don't count us out yet, we just want to enjoy this year!

We have also been trying to rearrange some items in the house... pictures and room furniture... I'll try to post some pictures and see what yall think! Enjoy the week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Sweet Reminder

The other day Robert was looking through some books in our house to decide if he wanted them in his office at the church. He has several youth ministry books that he has accumulated over the years and it was time to put them to use with his new position as full time youth pastor. So he pulled out one specific book called "Contemplative Youth Ministry." I remember giving him this book several years ago as a present. Well...  when he opened the front cover a letter fell out. It was the letter I had given him on our 4 year dating anniversary. We had just gotten engaged in November of 2005 and the date of the letter was April 27, 2006 just 4 years after our first date in 2002. In this letter I had written how I couldn't wait until we became one in marriage and how much Robert meant to me... blah blah all the gooshy stuff... but then I wrote: "I wanted to give you something this anniversary that symbolizes my support for you and your calling from God...I know one day God is going to give you a youth group that will allow you to expand your heart to the goodness of Christ...and that God is going to bless you with the knowledge you desire."

wow. just 6 years later and God would finally provide a way for Robert to enter full time ministry as a youth pastor. An opportunity we had prayed together for since he told me of his calling to youth ministry after our first year of dating. What a sweet reminder of just how much God is in control and how he uses us for His purposes even years in advance.
And yes we do have a youth group who expands our hearts because we love them... all of you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

For the teens this year we wanted to give them a little surprise for back to school. Yes, its corny stuff, but with the help of Pinterest I was able to come up with some fun things to cheer them up for their first week. Included was:
-Take 5 candy bar: Take 5 and Pray
-Pencils: Stay sharp this year!
-Smarties Candy: Smarties for the Smartie
-Lollipop: Remember to "lick" any obstacles by sticking to the scriptures
-Witness bracelet: Be Bold and Witness (if you don't know what this is I have it pictured below, but it stands for He came, He died, He Arose, He ascended, He's coming back)

They thought it was pretty fun :)

*On another note: Its almost crunchy leaf season... which means fall is nearby... yay so excited!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Into A Book...

Robert and I ventured tonight into the wonderful world of Barnes and Nobles... only we brought our own books to read....we settled in the comfy cushions with our tasty Starbucks...oh wait, excuse me... B&N Cafe drinks (thank you Passion Tea Lemonade :). I'm happy Robert has become more interested in reading (a new thing for his life haha) because of course I'm crazy about books and love to get lost in the stories I read. This year alone I have read over 15 books (that may not seem like alot to you but hey I do have a full time job). After I read each of the Hunger Games books like twice (ok I read my favorite parts of the books like three times), I began to read the Circle Series again by Ted Dekker... also The Help, The Vow, Crazy Love by Francis Chan... followed by an obsession with my new favorite author Francine Rivers from whom I read Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion Series (three books that are based off of the Biblical times after Acts and into Romans, very awesome). I am now reading Rivers' A Lineage of Grace about five women in the Bible from Jesus lineage... I'm only 4 chapters in and I'm hooked already! But all the above books were read on my Kindle Fire because I like to read with light apparently and I can read while I'm on my eliptical while Robert is still sleeping in the mornings :)

Also, Robert got me Illusion by Frank Peretti (Who is by far my all-time favorite author... I thought I had read all his books already until Robert came home with this one) for our anniversary in June. Since I'm such a book crazy person I was delighted to find another book by Peretti. I haven't been able to start reading it as its not on my Kindle and thus hard to read when its low light. But I started it tonight and am highly intrigued  and excited as always. After I venture off my current books I'm looking for new suggestions... have any to offer? :)

What a wonderful way to spend time with my husband... reading and enjoying the peace and quiet together :) have a great week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Refreshed and Renewed

Well hello again! I realize that I haven't written since April (thanks to Dr. Courtney for reminding me :) but things really have been busy with lots of changes so I needed a refresher break. I know there is 5 months I left out to cover so I'll make this update blog short and sweet (which if you know my other blogs does not really happen so it'll for sure be long :):

April: I have no idea what happened in this month haha! It seemed like so long ago... but what I do remember is that on the 27th Robert and I celebrated our 10th dating anniversary. 10 years ago I was a junior in high school going to the prom with a sophomore in high school (who had longer curly hair that he could whip up into a fro...lol)... how time does fly and how time has been good to us. We are so blessed!... We also had a teen event (shocking I know) that included a 30 hour famine or fast. yes... we convinced our youth group to travel to Odessa, hang out with some other teens playing weird games and such, and to NOT EAT ANYTHING FOR 30 HOURS... somehow they participated and it worked out great... the event was to raise money and awareness for hunger in third world countries. We will be participating again :)
The 30th of the month also marked the first year anniversary without my precious Mema (grandma). I miss her still, but her memories will never be forgotten. 

May: My dad turned 50 this month so my mom, brother, and I planned a HUGE surprise party! I unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures at the event but it was themed "Oldies but Goodies" in honor of how much my dad loves music. He was definitely surprised too!
This month I had a terrible incident with my eyes... apparently I scratched my cornias and had a major infection in my left eye so I was unable to wear my contacts for 6 weeks. I never thought I could survive that long without them, but my glasses proved worthy enough and I was able to withstand the world without my contacts. 

June: Our 5th Wedding anniversary! We didn't get to take a trip because of course like every year we have youth camp to get ready for. But youth camp was great this year as we had 18 teens go (way more than last year) and a wonderful experience with worshiping Christ!

July: More youth activities! We had a very packed summer with several activities for our teens. We felt it best to provide them some great opportunities to bond with each other instead of getting into trouble elsewhere :) We took them to Dallas for fishing/shopping, Balmorhea state park, swimming, had a lock-in at the church where we played hide and go seek for literally 2 hours in the dark from midnight to 2 am, and then took them on the most killer of all road trips... Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Dallas, then back home. All in 4 days which included: horseback riding, eating at famous venues, spray painting cars, looking at one of the largest crosses in the USA, OK City bombing memorial, touring and staying at Southern Nazarene University, a Texas Rangers game, and Hurricane Harbor. Yes we are tired :) But we love them and we had a blast!

August: Rock the Desert and several special events for our church. We have had a sweet time getting to know Christ's plan for our lives more and in digging deeper into our full surrender of our lives and our marriage to His works.

Yes the summer was busy, but the biggest piece of news is that I am now the wife of a youth pastor!! Robert began full time with the church in June. I'm so happy for him and this new adventure with the teens. I mean they are like our children after all ;)

Oh I forgot to mention that Robert and I had to dye our hair for camp (Robert blue and I pink, but I only did some highlights because I mean I can't destroy my hair!!)

Till next time and I do mean it because I have much more to write about!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello April and when did you get here? I literally just finished putting out my spring decorations- meaning I just braved the attic by myself (and I'm proud) to find the box of spring stuff and carry it down the ladder (successfully without breaking my neck). It was just time to put away the poinsetias and holly berries and replace them with my bright colors. It looks peaceful in here now. Maybe I'll take some pictures and then in July when I remember to upload them I'll post them (haha)

Although, speaking of the attic... that place gives me the creeps. Ever since one of my friends told me a story about someone who was living in someone else's attic, I have been thoroughly creeped out when I think about that place. When I went up there to get the decorations I was so sure that someone was hiding in the crevices... needless to say I was in and out of there as fast i could. No, there is no one living in my attic, but you never know!

On another note... the summer is almost here and we are busy getting the activities ready for our kids (you remember the 18ish teenagers we have right :). Yes it is that time of the year again for camp and roadtrips and cookouts and all that fun stuff. Its a busy time of the year... but I sure do love it!

And another note... I finally saw the Hunger Games in the theater... Love. This. Movie! I read all of the books in less than a week and have read them all again (I know you aren't surprised really by this). I realize that the concept of the book and movie is a little morbid, but when you get into the book its such a neat concept and I love the story line. Team Peeta all the way haha! I actually want to go see this movie again... anybody ?

On the last note... I'm now reading a book that I've already read once again... The Circle series. Since getting my Kindle Fire (thanks again mom :) I have decided that only books that I can read on my Kindle are worthy as I can read them in any light and take a whole collection with me wherever I want without it being so bulky. So currently on my Kindle I have read: Reedeming Love by Francine Rivers (amazing.), The Hunger Games (and Catching Fire and Mockinjay), The Circle Series, The Bible (the best book of all), Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and some others that I can't remember. I'm always open to more book ideas though!

Well I hope you all have a great April and that God blesses you all!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Back!

This post is dedicated to Mrs. Courtney Keimig... who hounded me about not blogging for about 2 months... so I'm using her wedding as a comeback post :)

We have been sooooo busy and that is really not an excuse not to blog as blogging is kind of an outlet for me, but there have been so many changes that I didn't even know where to begin. I promise to be better at informing those of you who have stuck with me and care to keep reading about whats happening in our lives.

Lets start with this weekend- Courtney and Kory's wedding! I haven't seen these amazing girls who endured and supported me through PT school since over a year ago. We met up in Houston for the amazing event:

I was so happy to get to spend a weekend away from Midland with just Robert. We haven't had a vacation alone in several months... can't realy remember the last one we had... how sad. So this weekend was well overdue. We spent Friday traveling to Houston, shopping at stores we don't have in West Texas and scoping out all the food places we were going to hit up on the trip. Saturday before the wedding we went to Galveston to see a mini Bodies exhibit at Moody Gardens. We didn't have too long to spare before the wedding, but it was nice to go on a little adventure together. I love him :)

The Amazing PT girls!

The beautiful bride!

Yummy cakes!
The groom's cake is from Star Wars... surprisingly I recognized it before Robert did... woah. It was good though!

Me and silly Stephanie drinking out coffee at the reception

The first dance for the Keimigs

and lastly... we did get our groove on, although we do not claim to be professional at anything haha!

A thanks to Stephanie as I stole some of her pictures from facebook...
The wedding was beautiful and perfect. The weekend was a breath of fresh air :)
Maybe I can get back into the swing of things, like being more in contact with my friends who are so far away from me :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland....

Oh wow its snowing! And by snowing I mean like 10 inches of snow. wow.

Whilst I was driving home early from work (because they let us early because we had NO patients who wanted to come out in the weather) I was trying to remember the most memorable moments that involved snow in my life. I came up with a top ten... really in no particular order bc I can't order them in my mind quickly enough but anyways here is the top ten snow related memories:
1. 2007 Easter weekend: a big snow occurred in Midland. Robert and I were in Abilene looking for an apartment when it began to snow on our way home... it was a fun memory bc we were looking to start our new lives together when we got married just a few months afterwards.
2. January 2007: we went skiing with the youth group (before we got married) and upon my return to Midland I had to fly into Austin and then drive to College Station.... I remember that it took me 4 hours to make the 1.5 hour drive from Austin to CS home. It was forever long, but I had a good time in my car jamming to music and praying that the roads stayed clear enough to make it home.

3. Vermont 2009: Robert's best friend invited us to come stay with him up in Connecticut and then travel to Vermont to go skiing (or snowboarding for the boys)... it was by far one of the best ski trips ever!

4. 1998? Midland had a very big snow storm come through that luckily released my brother and I from school early (I believe I was in 8th grade). We had alot of time on our hands and alot of snow to work with so we built a full size Igloo... yes Igloo. All the other people were making snowman but we made an igloo that you could crawl into and hang out for awhile... it was a good memory of my brother and I (actually working together for once :)

5. The first time I went skiing in 1997? Can't quite remember but I believe I was in 7th grade on Spring Break with our church choir. We had been touring over Texas and New Mexico and ended in Colorado where we got to go skiing. I was actually finishing ski school one morning, on my voyage trip up the ski lift, when half way through I decided to tap snow off my ski.... thus trigering the button and releasing the ski to the snow at least 40 feet below me. I had to fall off the ski lift with one ski and wait for someone to retrieve it before I could finish. Needless to say I'll never do that again.

6. The time my family got stranded in a snow storm on our way to a family reunion... THanksgiving 199? The storm was so bad we stopped at my grandparents lake house (which had no working heat or electricity bc lines were down) so we burned all the wood we could find and slept by the fire... it was cold, but a good bonding experience.

7. This is a solemn memory, but my papas funeral Thanksgiving 2007. He died on Thanksgiving and we held his funeral that Saturday when it decided to snow pretty hard. It was a beautiful moment though as we buried him under a blanket of the pure white snow.

8. Another childhood memory.... 199? It again snowed alot in Midland and my brother and I decided to make the tallest snowman alive... The Arnold Schwarzenegger of all snowman... he was well over 7 feet high and decked out with all the decor... we even were in the front page for him :)

9. Of course I can't forget the time in Portland July 2011 on Mount Hood... snow topped mountain and in shorts... great memory!

10. Sadie's first time in the snow.... December something of 2011. At first she was scared to death... now she just runs and plays :) Its so fun to watch her!

What is your favorite snow memory?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh January

Well it seems that January is my least favorite month. I always seem to get severely ill in this month and require heavy antibiotics and lots of meds to survive. I HATE medication. I take Vitamin C everyday which usually helps me ward off disease and infection, but January seems to always be the exception. Last January I was taking antibiotics for the majority of the month and this time I have already been on one round... boo. So I am sitting in my comfy bed waiting for my Unisom and NyQuil to take effect while watching recordings of Top Chef and reading The Hunger Games again (this time slowly to savor every word) on my Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire... at first I wasn't so sure about it bc I love the feel of turning pages in a book and watching myself progress through and get nervous/excited as the end of the book approaches... but with the Kindle I can read in low light such as during travel which is big for me. So even though I may be sick again, I will allow myself to slow down and chill and hope that tomorrow is a better day...

Dear Immune system,
I know that Christmas and New Years just occured but you can't take a break in January... please get back in gear and come to life so I can keep going with mine! Thanks alot!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review

Typically at the end of the year/beginning of the new one, people are ready to put the previous year behind them and looking forward to changes in the new. I can't say that 2011 was all around a great and joyful year, but I'm not ready to just throw it away either. There were many challenges and painful memories, but there are just as many joyful and exciting ones. This is my annual year in review post... here we go!

-January was a challenge as it was the last month before I took on some heavy responsibility at work, it was a stressful time, but I knew God had a plan.
-We took the teens on the Winter Retreat hosted by the South Naz District in Ruidoso. It was fun to go tubing, some went skiing, some shopped, and we all enjoyed worship and the great Mountain air together as a group.

-January also brought on the beginning of Weight watchers and a Daniel Fast with our church. I did great with WW through this month and i believe lost 10 poounds. The Daniel Fast was just to help up prepare our hearts for what God had in store for our church this year... it was a great experience and I encourage anyone else to follow it.
-The last part of January was me fighting sickness! I was sick for about 75% of the month, went through 3 sets of antibiotics and tons of other meds and shots... I filled my sick quota the first month of the year.

-We got sadie on February 5th. She is the perfect addition to our family and was soooo tiny then!

-Of course we spoiled her and Rob built her a dog mansion for outside.
-February was also the month of the first big ice storm... no moisture really just a thick coating of sleet and ice... We were still in the drought as we hadn't had rain since September of 2010, so ice was not fun... except I got to miss work :)

-March was spent trying to get used to our puppy and spending some time together amongst lots of responsibility at work.
-Our beautiful niece, A, turned 5 this month! I can't believe she is that old!
-We managed to take a nice get-a-way trip to Alpine to explore the Davis Mountains, Marfa, and all of the secrets that Alpine had to offer. It was a great trip for us!
-April was busy as we had our annual telethon at work which is one of our biggest fund raisers.
-On April 21st I had to have right knee arthroscopic surgery to correct a knee meniscus tear. This has changed my life as its still not completely healed and I'm having to undergo physical therapy. Stupid knee.
-The worst part of the year happened when my Mema passed away on April 30th. It was unexpected and sudden and not supposed to happen at this time so we were very shaken up and still haven't been able to fully come to grips with this loss. I know she is with Papa having some great conversations with Jesus, but I'm still in shock.
-We buried Mema on May 5th in a beautiful ceremony that I had the honor of participating in. I read from a book she left me about memories from her childhood and shared some of my favorite moments with her. It was the best way to say goodbye.
-May was otherwise filled with remembering Mema and distributing her possessions between loved ones which is always quite a task. Amongst the sadness we managed to celebrate my dad and my nephew, JD, turning another year older (49 and 6 respectively).
-Due to the knee surgery and the events with my grandmother I stopped WW with a total of weight loss at 15 lbs. I was unable to keep all the weight off the rest of the year to which I attribute being unable to work out from recovering from this knee. Again stupid knee.

-We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We didn't have time to make any exciting plans because of youth camp the following week, but we did manage to enjoy a nice dinner and Robert got those vibram 5 finger shoes... they are so weird.
-Youth Camp! Oh how we love the teens and youth camp is always fun and crazy!
-And the lovely niece, MJ, turned 6 in June! She is so big now!

-The best vacation of my life ocurred in July with Roomie Reunion 2011 in Portland, OR! You can check the July posts bc I had two or three from Portland with all our pictures! But to sum up about 300+ pictures of my amazing friends Ashley and Tracy I chose this one:
bc its July and we were standing in shorts on a mountain of SNOW! It was amazing!
-My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this month and took a trip to Italy, Spain, and other Mediteranean hot spots. They are such good role models of a God lead marriage- way to go mom and dad!

-Rock the Desert! Always occurs on the first weekend of the month so we loaded up the teens, had a girls sleep over at our house, ate lots of junk food, and listened to top Christian artists perform in the 100+ heat and dust. Always a good time :)

-I chose this picture to mention my amazing friend Kendall who has gone through so much this year and has one more semester of high school left and I know she will make a big difference wherever God leads her!
-August was also the time for teen hangouts at the baseball park and painting our kitchen and living room.
-Another unexpected event of this month was my mother being taken to the ER due to significant lung and breathing issues. She was in the hospital for several days due to an inability to catch her breath and swelling in her legs. She is doing alright, but is being followed by several doctors and is in need of continued prayer for her healing.

-Oh September, we start with a trip to Six Flags with the teens! Its always fun (watching them ride the crazy rides and) enjoying the shopping and simple wooden rollercoasters that don't plummet up upside down or backwards :)
-My family also got an early Christmas gift for ourselves and went to an AGGIE GAME! Whoop! Although we didn't beat OSU that weekend, it was great to be in Aggieland and enjoying all our favorite spots in Bryan/College Station. Oh How I love that place!
-Well besides my birthday :)... which is like the best holiday, right?

-One of my coworkers also had a nice fancy party for her 50th so we got to spend some good fun time outside of work and our usually running around with patients.
-My mom and our niece, MB, celebrated a joint birthday (now 49 and 3 respectively). We had a good time sharing laughs :)
-The doctors officially gave me a diagnosis of arthritis in my knees which meant I really can't do any running or jogging soon... this knee is now my nemesis.
-To end October I drove my mother to see her sister and my cousins in Albuquerque, NM. I really enjoyed getting to see them and hope I can again soon!

-Rob turns 26 and celebrated with his grandmother who also turned older (I believe 93?)

-Then of course our family pictures, I just love these :)

-For Thanksgiving we went to Dallas for my Dad's side family reunion and then headed over to the Cowboys stadium to watch texas tech play baylor... really we just went to be in the stadium and spend some extra time with the family and it was so cool! I can't wait to go back!
-I also received injections in my knee to decrease pain and increase my joint space fluid. Again with the knee thing....

-AND finally December. That was a busy month: San Antonio for a church staff retreat, work Christmas parties, family get-together, the teens Christmas party, and...
(this was on the riverwalk boat tour in San Antonio, such a nice lights display :)

...SNOW! It snowed for several days here (which is way weird) and it stayed for several days too! I loved it! It took Sadie a little while to get used to it, but eventually she gave in and decided that she would sit in it and play :)

This is the freaky tumbleweed snowman someone created in their front yard... humorous, yet quite frightening for a Christmas exhibit.

And thats 2011.
Very busy. Very hot and dry. Very quick. Very memorable. Very Sad. Very unforgettable.

God, I don't know what you have in mind for 2012, but I'm willing to trust you all the way.

Thanks for reading, have a great New Year.