Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here We Are!

I'm ready for 2012 to be here and to get started on my resolutions! I will reveal those in the next blog :) This year has been crazy but for now just enjoy some of our photos taken by the beautiful Kate Dominguez of The Wild Curl Photography. Absolutely love her... enjoy!

The next three shots are best viewed quickly one after the other as they were taken within seconds of each other :) Just our crazy romance shining through

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow Day!

OH my I should have posted alot today, but I was preoccupied.... with what you ask? READING. I am so obsessed with reading right now (well I have been for several years) but it seems I'm finding all these very fascinating stories to occupy my dreams with lately... My latest craze is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My friends have suggested it so I finally gave in and had to read it. The first of three books is so entrapping that I couldn't read the last two books fast enough... and thats saying something bc I did read the last book in one day... today actually thanks to a surprise snow day that forced the shut down of most of Midland/Odessa. And I'm thankful for that time off so I could sleep in, shampoo the carpets ( yes I did do this for reading breaks, but in the end I was reading as I was shampooing the carpets... talented yes I know), and making dinner. But the most important thing about today was I got to READ. I started and finished the last book of the series and am now prepared for full out dreaming about the characters.

They are making a movie to come out in March of 1012 about the Hunger Games... trust me you want to read it before the movie because it will lure you in and you don't want the movie to give it all away :) Plus then you have the books afterwards to read and read them you will bc you WILL fall in love with the characters and your heart WILL race a million times a second as you read. I have been wanting to talk about this book for awhile so thats why you are getting these long sentences about it ;).

In the world of Rob and Jen we have been traveling up a storm to Dallas for the entire Thanksgiving holiday and then to San Antonio this past weekend (where I read the 2nd book on the road) for a church district meeting. We don't plan on traveling anywhere else for awhile which will be nice. We need to spend some time with Sadie who is poorly deprived of our affection. I hope the week treats you all well and if you have any new book obsessions I should read please do share :)