Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here I am Fall!

I have a ton of pictures to upload from personal and family adventures that have happened this fall... but Blogger won't let me! boo. Oh well, I'll get them uploaded sometime. Sorry I've been missing again lately, just part of the everyday busy-ness I live in! But to catch you up here it goes:
-We went as a family to College Station to see the Aggies take on OSU (we lost). I love going back to CS and eating at all the good and yummy places there and shopping for more clothes and things :)
-The next weekend Robert and I went with my dad and brother to see the Aggies play against texas tech in Lubbock. It was a good game and we enjoyed ourselves although the fans were not the nicest.
-Then I turned 27. Wow already! haha turning 27 felt no different than 26, but it is oftly close to 30.....
-I went to a new doctor for my knee. As you may recall in April of this year I had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. My knee felt great for awhile... and then I tried to start working out more... and now it hurts all the time. An x-ray would reveal that I have mild arthritis in both knees (bummer) so I'm doing some intense physical therapy to see what can be done.
-Then I took my mom to Albuquerque to see her sister and my cousins. It was a good trip and it was good to see some family although driving through New Mexico is very painfully dull... but thats why mom and I watched Scream and other old scary movies to pass the time :)
-So now we are awaiting next Friday when I have to get some injections in my knee to increase the cushion around the joint and decrease my pain. I can't move for 48 hours after the injection... so doctors orders to be a couch potato :) OK!

Thats whats happened in word form, maybe I'll get to post the pictures soon.