Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Well Jammed Packed Labor Day Weekend

Well hello everyone, thank you for those who responded about my mom. She was able to go home last Monday with a confirmed lung infection and some blockage in her lungs (not too sure the specifics). She is doing better, but still has some of her symptoms so I just hope her doctors can figure out everything :)

Anyways, We had a super busy weekend! Friday we left at noon for our traditional trip to Six Flags with the teens for Naz Nite. We go to Six Flags over Texas every labor day weekend with the teens... we give up relaxation for riding rollercoasters, sweating profusely, walking 200 miles around a theme park, eating fried fast food, and sleeping on the floor of a church without showers... but we do it because we love our teens :) And this year we didn't have very many kids go with us, but we still had a great time. And Robert even got pulled over in the church van on the way home... but only because the cop couldn't see the license plate from 50 feet away.... well get closer is what we were thinking! And he was shining that stupid flashlight in my face the whole time... I mean do I look like I'm harboring drugs or something!

We got home Saturday night really late and had a great time at The Gathering on Sunday morning. I love my church :) We spent the rest of the day Sunday with my family watching the Fightin Texas Aggies BTHO SMU! It was a good game and I'm glad we won... before the game my mom, sister in law and I played a game to reveal a secret to the boys... We are going to the Aggie game on September 24th!! Whoop! I'm so excited!

Monday we spent the day with Robert's family eating and playing lots of games. I went for a run with Sadie that morning which I've been doing little by little, but this time I way over did it! My knee has been killing me ever since, boo.

Overall it was a great Labor day weekend and I'll be sure to post pictures soon from the teens trip!

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