Monday, August 15, 2011

We are camping!

... in the living room... yes the living room. Once again at the last minute we have decided to start a random project in the house and this time its the bedroom. As some of you may recall Robert added crown molding to the bedroom several weeks ago and we painted the ceiling brown several months ago. Now we have decided to finish the project... this means we moved our bed... mattress and sheets to the living room. Sadie is loving it :) She still sleeps in her kennel but we have left the door open so she wanders over to our bedside and puts her head so sweetly by my pillow. I would get a picture but I would have to turn on the lights and she would move. So until we finish this project we are going to keep camping out in the living room.. which is kinda fun. But if you come over... please keep your shoes off my bed :)

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