Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Summer Fun with the Teens

Rockhounds Baseball Game!
Robert's friend was able to hook us up with an awesome box suite at the game. We were able to watch the windy game on our own private deck or in the room with air conditioning :)

Ok, this person I'm leaning on is Noah, one of the pastors' sons.
He hates when I take pictures of him...
so I stole his hat and took a picture of his hair haha...

and tried about a million times to get his face in a picture that night
The girls thought it was funny :)

We were once again out in Rock the Desert for 2 days of heat, sweat, and great Christian music.
The teens were wiped out by the heat... can you tell :)

RTD weekend always brings out some very spirited and interesting people such as this guy:

I think Robert should be him for Halloween :0

Several times throughout the weekend Chick-Fil-A would fly their helicopter and drop these things from the sky... see the tiny specks floating around below:

They dropped thousands of these little cows with a coupon on it! It was quite cute and entertaining as everyone would run around frantically trying to chase the little flying cows

Me and Kendall!

THis was our view... we were on the front row of tents and it was awesome!

We love these guys and hope they know how much we care for them! They are definitely going to keep us young... especially with the girls staying up till 5 at the house with me... ya'll are so silly.

Ready. Set. Here comes fall!

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