Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sadie's Best Friend

Sadie went to her first doggie birthday party!!
Our neighbors across the alley have a black lab that is almost identical to Sadie... her name is Raider. Sadie and Raider are best friends. and I do mean best friends!
They play together all the time... its very cute.
Well Raider had her 2nd birthday on Saturday complete with invitation and a trip to the dog park in town...
Of course Sadie was invited :)
Sadie with her goodie bag from the party :) It had some very yummy treats in there... for her that is...

At the dog park was alot of vendors giving away free things and coupons for grooming
it was alot of fun!

Sadie leading the way with Raider carrying a soccer ball

Just playing around!

Afterwards both pupps were exhausted!

and she didn't move from this spot for about another 2 hours :)

Raider with all her gifts... the dog bone in front was from Sadie
Yes I stuck her paw in some paint and made a card for Raider...
it turned out cute :)

Happy Birthday Raider, Sadie had a blast!
We just love our neighbors :)

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