Sunday, July 10, 2011

To catch you up

So because I have missed a whole two months of posting, here are a few short pictures to catch you up!
First, our 4th wedding anniversary! June 2nd came and went so fast and we were busy preparing for youth camp as always, but Robert managed to send me this wonderful gift to work :) I love fruit! So I got him a pair of those ugly five finger shoes...he kept bugging me so I finally gave in.
Happy anniversary babe!

Next, my mema's tombstone came in.. I drove out to the cemetery by myself to enjoy the peaceful quite and the breeze as I remembered all my favorite moments with her. Its still hard sometimes to think she is gone.

Our puppy is getting so big! Once upon a time, she learned how to chew the cables in the back yard and we lost all internet and cable for a while... boo. This picture below was her "I'm sorry" face. She is too cute and has a fun personality. I just love our Sadie!

And our "kids" are getting so big! (all the nieces and nephews are growing so fast, we love you all!)

And in case anyone was curious because its summer and all... Sadie hates the pool.
More updates coming soon!

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