Monday, May 2, 2011

Time to Remember

Saturday, We said goodbye to my Mema. She was scheduled to have heart surgery that day, but God took her home early so as to save her from pain. It was sudden and unexpected, but God knows what He is going and what His purpose is, so we are just trusting and praying. I was fortunate enough to be quite close to Mema, I was able to spend alot of time with her and Papa before they passed and really get to know them. She would write me letters when I was at A&M and never missed a special occasion with a card. She even gave me a written heirloom book that contains pictures and stories from when she was a young girl, up to meeting Papa, and when my mom was born. It is something I will always cherish. She was 73 years old and one of the greatest women that I know.

I will miss you Mema, but I know we'll see each other again soon.

I hope that if anything, her legacy will be her family. She valued family so highly and her roots in the Lord were everything to her. Please don't let time go by without sharing with your loved ones how much you care. You may not get that chance to visit them or to call them. Trust in the Lord for he is everything!
Mema and Papa at their 50th wedding anniversary

Our wedding, so happy they were both able to be there.

At my wedding shower, Mema on the left and Grandma Mason on the right. Both wonderful grandparents :)

Who do you need to tell you love them today?

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