Monday, April 4, 2011

A little Get-Away

Yee Haw, we went to ALPINE, TX a few weekends ago for a nice get-away. They had to renovate the floors in my workplace so we took a 3 day weekend to get away to a place where we knew noone :)

Our first stop was Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory

Next, we climbed a very tall pile of rocks (which Robert calls Rock Pile Park)
This is the view from the top:

It was quite an accomplishment for us... and it took us a total of 3 hours to get up and down this thing... It even included use having to take some scary jumps across crevices and down an 8 foot drop (which freaked me out, but Robert caught me). Overall it was some good physical fitness to add to our weekend.

In Alpine we stayed at the beautifully renovated Holland Hotel
It was beautiful and very rustic inside!

Hello Jacuzzi!

Of course we had coffee... lots of coffee :)
and ate at fun places like Penny's Diner

And enjoyed delicious chocolate treats (of course that was my idea)

In Marfa, we visited this old Hotel (the Hotel Paisano)
and I became obsessed with this fountain...

It was such a pretty area!

And it turned out to be the only real exciting thing in Marfa, so we headed back to Fort Davis to shop some more and then headed to watch a movie and enjoy a nice Italian dinner. It was so fun just to walk around the streets of Alpine and enjoy the quiet night air.

Robert, I love you!

It was a great trip! The best thing was not having a schedule and getting to shop!

I hope you all have a great week! Hopefully I can finish my 30 days posts :)

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