Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is here!

So I'm completely embarrassed that I haven't written since February! Goodness this is getting bad. I apologize for they delay, but I honestly have been over my head busy. I wish things at work would slow down a little, but then again... busy is good for the therapy world so really I should be grateful... but it would be nice to get some help :)

We have been up to... nothing. Trying to spend as much time together as we can and taking care of our child, Sadie (see picture above included for those who like pictures). We have been into watching the Indiana Jones videos and we found out that the only way to watch them is snuggled with pillows in front of our couch, on the floor, with our puppy on her blanket in between us. She is really a good puppy minus the occasional disobediences and the fact that she just loves to chew carpet. But if she gets to sit on her blanket with us then she is pretty calm and quite snuggly :)

We have finally been able to take her on a "walk" around the neighborhood although she gets tired real fast and will not... I mean not... move if we put the leash on her. She will run around the backyard with the leash on, but once we go out in the front... she becomes Statue Sadie. So without the leash on she is able to walk right at our heels for most of the journey. I really hope to get more pictures soon bc she is just so cute!

As far as everything else in our lives goes, we are just waiting for next week when we get to take a much needed VACATION together. Just the two of us. And nobody else. Yay!

On another note: I've been reviewing some pictures of two weddings I was in last March and December. I really wish I would have started losing weight before these. I know I don't look horrible, but from my point of view I really did gain alot of weight during PT school. I'm currently down 15 lbs. so far (Valentines Day kinda put a hold on the weight loss, but I didn't gain any). I feel so much better and I've dropped a pant size which is even more motivation for me. Its really hard to resist eating as much as I used to, but it is getting easier and I'm much happier (which I'm sure makes Robert glad). Thanks for your encouragement!

Well hopefully, it won't be a few weeks before my next post! Have a great Friday and weekend!

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