Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I hate car blinkers. Yes, that is random, I realize that. But I do.

I understand that they are illegal not to use and that they serve a good function, but I can't stand them. First of all, my last car (Ruby II the Ford Focus) had the most annoying sounding blinker in the universe. Tock. Tock. Tock. Tock. It was loud. And I honestly only used it if I knew there was a cop around or if I was needing to make an unobvious change in my direction. Meaning...if I'm in the left hand turn lane... I was obviously turning left... and in a right turn only lane... well you see what I mean by OBVIOUS. Thank goodness my new car does not have a loud or annoying blinker... because I would continue not to use it (yes you may scold me but I will not listen).

When I drive home from work I get plenty of opportunity to see annoying blinkers. Such as... blinkers left on after having made said direction change... blinkers in annoying places on cars...blinkers that are broken and flash really fast... those sorts of things. I was noticing this one car on my way home today that had what appeared to be rope lights for headlights. Seriously. It was a small line of blue lights that made a curvy pattern where each headlight was supposed to be. It was mesmerizing to look at and pretty cool I might add. Until... they turned on their blinker. Now if you have cool headlights that are LED and look like a curvy line of blue icicles and your blinker is the same standard manufactured dim yellow square, then we have a problem. The blinker totally ruined that car. Thus another reason to remind me on the road today why I hate blinkers.

The end.

Well not really. I remember in my first car (a Delta 88 Oldsmobile called Kernal Klunk) my blinker went out one time. This meant that when I turned it on to blink it was a solid, unblinking light. Not much good to me really. So instead I would manually have to click it up and down at stop lights and stop signs. This was amusing at times as I could change the speed of the blinking, thus confusing the person behind me :) It was the small thing that amused me then. But not I can't stand blinkers. So if you are in the car with me just know that i will use the blinker when it most warrants to use it... and I will keep you safe don't worry. BUT if I'm in the left hand turn lane, yes I am turning left unless some unseen cosmic force causes me to suddenly veer right or stay straight... so no blinker will be used.

The real end. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They Have My Heart

For Valentine's Day I ate alot of chocolate. like alot. oops :)
I've been pretty stressed at work just because there is alot of responsibility on my shoulders and I'm a perfectionist so it equals lots of stress... but nevertheless God is good and I just wanted to spend some good quality time with Robert on Monday evening.

Our plan was to order in food, but instead we went to Pizzeria Venti in Midland which was delicious! Then we went home and watched some recorded shows (such as Minute to Win it) and played with our child, Sadie.
She is such a doll :) and a cuddler...

And she loves to cuddle with daddy :)

For Valentine's day Robert and I never really make a big deal about it except with cards and food. I told him that I definitely didn't want flowers because lets face it... I kill things that are green and pretty. Flowers last an abnormally little time with me and I just don't have patience to take care of them. So they die. then they smell. then we have to clean them up. and its just not worth it. So I came home to these:

THEY ARE FAKE!! haha, I love my husband because he pays attention and he is so creative! They are beautiful and they will never die!

I hope everyone enjoyed this day of sharing love! I'm going to go hold my puppy till its time for us to sleep. Be blessed!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Sadie :)

Our new puppy!!
So I was supposed to go to Abilene over the weekend, but due to the crazy snow storm the conference I was to attend got moved. So we didn't go. So we bought a dog instead. :)

Robert and I have been talking about a dog for a long time. (no kids, just a dog). So we were just going to go to PetsMart to see what they had and then go look around town at some shelters... well PetsMart was having an adoption day. And I walked to the dog section. And I saw her in the cage. And I knew we would be taking her home. And we did :) She is a calm puppy who is still trying to get used to us, but we are so excited to have her here! I will post some more pictures of her soon, its hard to get a good shot where you can see her eyes bc they are so dark!

Have a great week everyone!