Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its Sunday

So once again I'm fighting sickness. I was feeling the onset of a common cold on Tuesday (Robert was already taking medicine for the same symptoms) so I went to a medical clinic in Odessa (I've been there too many times) to get some antibiotics. Well those anitbiotics didn't help much bc I ended up with laryngitis, then bronchitis, then woke up with a fever yesterday and still am struggling to fight this. I'm so tired of being sick... and I'm tired of my immune system not being able to handle a small sickness... it always turns into something big. My voice is starting to come back but I'm still not to where I would say I'm well. Boo... please pray for me! For now, here are some pictures I found on my phone:

Aren't they cute? Stay well people, sickness is going around and its not fun :(

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