Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here We Are!

I'm ready for 2012 to be here and to get started on my resolutions! I will reveal those in the next blog :) This year has been crazy but for now just enjoy some of our photos taken by the beautiful Kate Dominguez of The Wild Curl Photography. Absolutely love her... enjoy!

The next three shots are best viewed quickly one after the other as they were taken within seconds of each other :) Just our crazy romance shining through

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow Day!

OH my I should have posted alot today, but I was preoccupied.... with what you ask? READING. I am so obsessed with reading right now (well I have been for several years) but it seems I'm finding all these very fascinating stories to occupy my dreams with lately... My latest craze is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My friends have suggested it so I finally gave in and had to read it. The first of three books is so entrapping that I couldn't read the last two books fast enough... and thats saying something bc I did read the last book in one day... today actually thanks to a surprise snow day that forced the shut down of most of Midland/Odessa. And I'm thankful for that time off so I could sleep in, shampoo the carpets ( yes I did do this for reading breaks, but in the end I was reading as I was shampooing the carpets... talented yes I know), and making dinner. But the most important thing about today was I got to READ. I started and finished the last book of the series and am now prepared for full out dreaming about the characters.

They are making a movie to come out in March of 1012 about the Hunger Games... trust me you want to read it before the movie because it will lure you in and you don't want the movie to give it all away :) Plus then you have the books afterwards to read and read them you will bc you WILL fall in love with the characters and your heart WILL race a million times a second as you read. I have been wanting to talk about this book for awhile so thats why you are getting these long sentences about it ;).

In the world of Rob and Jen we have been traveling up a storm to Dallas for the entire Thanksgiving holiday and then to San Antonio this past weekend (where I read the 2nd book on the road) for a church district meeting. We don't plan on traveling anywhere else for awhile which will be nice. We need to spend some time with Sadie who is poorly deprived of our affection. I hope the week treats you all well and if you have any new book obsessions I should read please do share :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A preview of us :)

My Amazing friend: Kate of The Wild Curl Photography
took this picture of our family last weekend. We have many more pictures to share, but this is just a preview :)

Thanks Kate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To Aggieland and Back :)

This year for the boys' birthdays/Christmas gifts (that would be my husband and brother), we decided to go as a family to see an A&M Game. We went in September to the A&M vs Oklahoma State Game (we lost :( but it was a good game and we had fun. Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Midnight Yell!!! Oh how I miss going to those on a regular basis :)

So "M" traveled to the game on my dad's (her papa's) shoulders. There is an Aggie tradition where you say "Howdy" to those you pass when walking... "M" was YELLING it to everyone she saw, which was only about a gagillion people! It was hilarious...

The Popcorn. It lasted us the whole game. and "M" kept eating it and eating it and eating it as we walked out of the stadium and across the campus.... she spilled probably half of it in the process, but she never put her bucket down!

The fam. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun shopping to buy new clothes and Aggie paraphernalia. Plus getting to eat at Wings N More, Sweet Eugenes, Blue Baker.... yum!

So I am all set to get my right knee injected on Friday morning with Synvisc 1. I will be missing work and being a couch potato for 48 hours per doctors order. I have a ton of recorded shows and movies to watch so it should be interesting. Pray that this helps!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here I am Fall!

I have a ton of pictures to upload from personal and family adventures that have happened this fall... but Blogger won't let me! boo. Oh well, I'll get them uploaded sometime. Sorry I've been missing again lately, just part of the everyday busy-ness I live in! But to catch you up here it goes:
-We went as a family to College Station to see the Aggies take on OSU (we lost). I love going back to CS and eating at all the good and yummy places there and shopping for more clothes and things :)
-The next weekend Robert and I went with my dad and brother to see the Aggies play against texas tech in Lubbock. It was a good game and we enjoyed ourselves although the fans were not the nicest.
-Then I turned 27. Wow already! haha turning 27 felt no different than 26, but it is oftly close to 30.....
-I went to a new doctor for my knee. As you may recall in April of this year I had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. My knee felt great for awhile... and then I tried to start working out more... and now it hurts all the time. An x-ray would reveal that I have mild arthritis in both knees (bummer) so I'm doing some intense physical therapy to see what can be done.
-Then I took my mom to Albuquerque to see her sister and my cousins. It was a good trip and it was good to see some family although driving through New Mexico is very painfully dull... but thats why mom and I watched Scream and other old scary movies to pass the time :)
-So now we are awaiting next Friday when I have to get some injections in my knee to increase the cushion around the joint and decrease my pain. I can't move for 48 hours after the injection... so doctors orders to be a couch potato :) OK!

Thats whats happened in word form, maybe I'll get to post the pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is so here!

Umm so this morning I definitely got ready a little bit more quickly, rushed out the door, and made myself a date at starbucks to get my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season! I. Love. These!!!!

I was very happy today... I attribute it to the Pumpkin Spice.

Thank you PSL :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Reason I Love...

Oh they grow so fast... and have the best smiles :)

For our families...
nieces, nephews...

and Sadie...

We love you all :)

These were the pictures from our Labor day weekend which was awesome and I hope you enjoy watching these little ones growing up as much as I do :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Well Jammed Packed Labor Day Weekend

Well hello everyone, thank you for those who responded about my mom. She was able to go home last Monday with a confirmed lung infection and some blockage in her lungs (not too sure the specifics). She is doing better, but still has some of her symptoms so I just hope her doctors can figure out everything :)

Anyways, We had a super busy weekend! Friday we left at noon for our traditional trip to Six Flags with the teens for Naz Nite. We go to Six Flags over Texas every labor day weekend with the teens... we give up relaxation for riding rollercoasters, sweating profusely, walking 200 miles around a theme park, eating fried fast food, and sleeping on the floor of a church without showers... but we do it because we love our teens :) And this year we didn't have very many kids go with us, but we still had a great time. And Robert even got pulled over in the church van on the way home... but only because the cop couldn't see the license plate from 50 feet away.... well get closer is what we were thinking! And he was shining that stupid flashlight in my face the whole time... I mean do I look like I'm harboring drugs or something!

We got home Saturday night really late and had a great time at The Gathering on Sunday morning. I love my church :) We spent the rest of the day Sunday with my family watching the Fightin Texas Aggies BTHO SMU! It was a good game and I'm glad we won... before the game my mom, sister in law and I played a game to reveal a secret to the boys... We are going to the Aggie game on September 24th!! Whoop! I'm so excited!

Monday we spent the day with Robert's family eating and playing lots of games. I went for a run with Sadie that morning which I've been doing little by little, but this time I way over did it! My knee has been killing me ever since, boo.

Overall it was a great Labor day weekend and I'll be sure to post pictures soon from the teens trip!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living in the Crayon Box

Well this weekend was full of anxiety. My mom was taken to the emergency room on Thursday due to loss of breath, difficulty breathing, and increased swelling in her legs. She was wheezing and looking very tired the week before and when my dad took her to the doctor on Thursday they immediately sent them to the ER. She was there for the majority of the day (I got off work at lunch and rushed over there) in a room the size of a crayon box... like the 12 piece box kind not the 24 box. She was given a ton of meds, lost about 10 lbs of fluid from her body, and continued to show low oxygen. She was admitted to the hospital that evening (late) and stayed until Monday night in a room the size of the 24 piece crayon box. It was tiny! I stayed with her Friday and Saturday night which means very little sleep... how they expect people to rest and get better in there when they wake you up every 3 hours or so to take vitals is beyond me!

Currently, she has significantly improved and is on the up and up for now. Her heart has early signs of CHF (congestive heart failure) and her lungs have some problems also. It was sad to see her trapped up there for the whole weekend, but I do commend the staff at Midland Memorial Hospital who took care of her because they did a great job! and they were pretty humorous which is just what our family needed. I'm very thankful for all of you who prayed for us during this time and continue to pray that she stays strong.

Hope everyone has a good week...Keep Christ first on your to do list and all other things should fall into place!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nostalgia Fudge

We finally finished our bedroom makeover! I thought we would never get this done! It took almost a week because we had to go to work and took several stops to run some errands, but we finally got everything finalized and back in the room.

This is the BEFORE picture we took right after moving in last May:

and now for the AFTER!

The ceiling is called Fudge and the blue on the wall is Nostalgia... We like it :) and alot of people told us our room would look smaller with such dark colors, but it actually feels bigger!

I know these pictures were hard to see because of the lighting, but you should just come by and see it in person! (and visit us and Sadie :)
Happy rest of the week everyone!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sadie's Best Friend

Sadie went to her first doggie birthday party!!
Our neighbors across the alley have a black lab that is almost identical to Sadie... her name is Raider. Sadie and Raider are best friends. and I do mean best friends!
They play together all the time... its very cute.
Well Raider had her 2nd birthday on Saturday complete with invitation and a trip to the dog park in town...
Of course Sadie was invited :)
Sadie with her goodie bag from the party :) It had some very yummy treats in there... for her that is...

At the dog park was alot of vendors giving away free things and coupons for grooming
it was alot of fun!

Sadie leading the way with Raider carrying a soccer ball

Just playing around!

Afterwards both pupps were exhausted!

and she didn't move from this spot for about another 2 hours :)

Raider with all her gifts... the dog bone in front was from Sadie
Yes I stuck her paw in some paint and made a card for Raider...
it turned out cute :)

Happy Birthday Raider, Sadie had a blast!
We just love our neighbors :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Summer Fun with the Teens

Rockhounds Baseball Game!
Robert's friend was able to hook us up with an awesome box suite at the game. We were able to watch the windy game on our own private deck or in the room with air conditioning :)

Ok, this person I'm leaning on is Noah, one of the pastors' sons.
He hates when I take pictures of him...
so I stole his hat and took a picture of his hair haha...

and tried about a million times to get his face in a picture that night
The girls thought it was funny :)

We were once again out in Rock the Desert for 2 days of heat, sweat, and great Christian music.
The teens were wiped out by the heat... can you tell :)

RTD weekend always brings out some very spirited and interesting people such as this guy:

I think Robert should be him for Halloween :0

Several times throughout the weekend Chick-Fil-A would fly their helicopter and drop these things from the sky... see the tiny specks floating around below:

They dropped thousands of these little cows with a coupon on it! It was quite cute and entertaining as everyone would run around frantically trying to chase the little flying cows

Me and Kendall!

THis was our view... we were on the front row of tents and it was awesome!

We love these guys and hope they know how much we care for them! They are definitely going to keep us young... especially with the girls staying up till 5 at the house with me... ya'll are so silly.

Ready. Set. Here comes fall!