Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Thankful!

This was by far the most relaxing Thanksgiving ever! This is our 4th Thanksgiving together as a married couple and we have definitely had some crazy ones.

2007: We were supposed to travel to Dallas for the biennial family reunion, however, my papa fell that morning and burst the tumor in his lungs. So we had to rush to Midland instead to plan a funeral. It was a very sad Thanksgiving to lose him, but I love him and will never forget how much he loved to get into God's word. So every Thanksgiving is our family's chance to remember him. Love you Papa!
2008: We were living in Abilene and Robert was working for the windmill business. At that time he was stationed up in West Virginia... and word was that he wasn't going to get to come home for the holiday. But cleverly he surprised me and arrived in Abilene the night before I was to drive to Midland. So we got to spend the holiday with our families together :)

2009: Family reunion time (Mason side). It was off to Dallas for us. My dad's side of the family crammed in a nice... no wait horrible hotel (they are no longer there). It was great to see my cousins/aunts/unlces/great aunts and uncles/ and a bunch of other relatives that I never remember. We ate, played games, and my parent's car got broken into while we feasted. That was the bad part. Then Robert, me and my mom braved the Black Friday crowd and woke up at 4 am to go to the nearby Target to snatch a deal on our flat screen tv...and countless other gifts. It was fun, minus the car issue. And we ended the trip by visiting my dear friend Ashley and her parents in McKinney.

2010: Here we are! Its Thanksgiving with the Fowler's year and we feasted very very very well. Plus the Aggies beat t.u. so it was extra awesome! I'm sad we didn't get to see all the family this round, but hopefully soon! These are the only pictures I took of the event bc my phone was missing (or being used by a certain young brother) the entire day. Don't you like my glasses on Robert...

Happy Thanksgiving! and now bring on the rest of the holidays!

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