Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Thoughts

So I have some random things on my mind and I was really trying to find a picture to post that would somehow bring up a story I could share... but I got nothing. So instead you get to hear of all the random things going on inside my mind (aren't you so lucky):

1. I have yet to nail down the fastest way to/from work. I've decided that I live in a very frustrating location b/c I'm on the closest side of Midland to Odessa and it still takes me FOREVER to get to work. I even live next to one of the major connecting roads and it still takes me a good 30 minutes everyday. Now granted, I may not be the best at following the speed limit signs, but there are alot of frustrating and crazy drivers out there that I would rather just zoom past. Never-the-less, I am bound and determined to find the most direct and fastest route to my job from my house... even if I try a different way everyday. Watch out Midland/Odessa, that cream Ford Edge you just saw zoom by was probably me!

2. So 2 times a week we have this girl come to work at our lunch hour and she gives us a workout... the perfect "minimal sweat, but still feel it in the morning" workout. Its usually a great time for me to destress from the day and to get some extra energy for the afternoon. However, today all the girls including myself were very complainy. And we just couldn't figure out our moods. Its halfway through the week and we were all exhausted. I think I was tired on Monday by lunchtime which was not a great start to the week anyway. I need to be more joyful at work, even if I do get exhausted. Lord, may you change my heart and give me the ability to spread happiness and not gloom :)

3. I haven't had chocolate in 4 weeks and I'm gonna go crazy. This is a long story and I'm not going to share it bc its personal, but just know that I have been struggling with food issues my whole life and have now come to the realization of just what that struggle is and am now seeking to truly conquer it. One solution has been to give up chocolate (the most beautiful and aweful sin around). Robert is also doing this, it won't be forever, but theres no finish line to this journey yet so no chocolate during the holidays (waaaah!) here I go.

4. In reference to #3... I didn't give up ICE CREAM. Just chocolate ice cream. As I am writing this, I am enjoying my vanilla ice cream very much.

5. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HARRY POTTER 7 TO COME OUT SOON!! Just in case you were curious.

6. Robert is no longer to play football in the front yard with the teens before youth group... why, you ask... bc he broke our neighbors car door mirror. Way to set an example babe.

7. Oh yeah, for Halloween we did nothing. boring I know. I passed out candy to whoever came by... which was not very much in the beginning and by the time the sun went down I was concerned that I was going to be left with this humongous bowl of candy (none of it chocolate of course)... so I started giving out bigger handfuls. I mean I didn't want to have to have any left over or I knew I was going to eat it. So the crowd slowed down...... and then 20 people came to my door at the same time. I panicked. I was only able to give each of them one item at this point which was sad to me bc they were all related somehow and had very nicely coordinated matching pirate costumes. So then I was out of candy and had to turn off my light and pretend to not be home. And Robert and I watched New Moon :)

I guess thats about it for now. Sorry it wasn't a typical post, but at least I got some things out of my head and onto paper... err... the screen so I can release them. Otherwise, my brain gets all tangled up ;)
Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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