Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flying High

So back in September, PBRC (where I work) had a fundraiser we call a steak out...it was so much fun! Part of the night included a reverse auction... where people bid on items or things for the center (such as the electric bill, naming a wing of the building, etc.). One of the items that was being bid on was to place a school spirit flag on top of the tallest building in Odessa for the entire month of November.

Sounds interesting I know, but there was alot of people who wanted a Tech or tu, TCU, Odessa College, all sorts of colleges fighting it out to be displayed. However... the one school that came out on top was of course... Texas A&M!! Whoop!

And the bill......$40,000 to display the Aggie flag on top of the tallest building :)

And for the entire month of November the flag flew high and proud... and not to mention that during the entire month of November the Aggies never lost a football game :) Coincidence? Surely not. I guess that means next year I need to make sure the A&M flag gets up there again!

Just a little fun for the end of the month. Coming soon: Christmas decoration post!

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