Friday, October 29, 2010

New Decor!

So I should never be allowed inside Hobby Lobby without another person or a very strict shopping list.

Last Friday I decided that I needed to decorize (yes I made that up) our new home with some holiday items. So of course I went to Hobby Lobby... I love that store... and I love it so much that I spent 1.5 hours there just walking up and down a total of 6 aisles... yes just 6 aisles. The first 3 were fall/Thanksgiving and the other 3 were Christmas...

And I won't lie... I got a little too excited when I got to this aisle so I had to do a little dance...

Of course I couldn't video myself so you have to settle with the thumbs up picture :)

But I did buy some new decorations for the house and here are just a few:

this is on our coffee table...

Our Fowler Funkin (yes that is the name) has survived all these years of moving! I love our fireplace right now with all the decorations lined up on it!

And it wouldn't be complete without the beautiful handmade pumpkins from my dear friend Molly (get yours at

Have I mentioned that I love fall! And so you can assume that I went overboard with my budget whilst shopping for beautiful decorations and I will admit that I did get carried away... but Robert loved everything so I give myself an A+ :) Plus when I called to tell him I was getting a few things for the house he said "Ok, get whatever you want!" which is translated to me as "Have fun and please go crazy" :)

Now I didn't get any Christmas things this time (just walked up and down the aisles with a big kid like grin on my face) but there is always next time!

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tracy said...

i love those hobby lobby pumpkins! makes me wish i had a hobby lobby here (even though the last thing i need is more fall decorations!) haha.