Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally got a ticket...

Well not really... See I have never gotten a speeding ticket or parking ticket. The only issued ticket I've ever had was a bike ticket- I was riding my bike on the A&M campus on the wrong side of the road and I got pulled over by a bike cop. Yes it was embarrassing and dumb. But I don't count it as a real ticket.
So a few Fridays ago I was with my mom for the afternoon and as I usually do, I parked in my dad's space of the garage. I figured we would arrive home before he would, although this was not the case. So I found the following things on my car:

Parents WithOut Parking Spaces

Yes, my dad designed his own ticket. This is not the first one of these I have had on my car from him, although he is getting more and more creative...

Oh funny daddy! I will continue to use his space when he is not there, just to see how much more creative he gets ;) Oh and my last ticket said I had to pay 1,283,254,876,965 times the National debt... I wonder what the payment will be next time. hehe.

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