Friday, October 29, 2010

The Princess is now 2

Little Miss MB turned 2 last week! I can't believe my niece is already 2. She is such a little pre-Madona :)
We spent the day at her house just playing games and having a cook out.
The balloon is my nephew JD is disguise... he wouldn't quit wacking me in the face with it all day, but at least it was fun.

She wouldn't sit/stand still long enough to get a focused picture... but at least she is cute

This was her modeling her new high heels... so fashionable :)

Happy Birthday my dear niece!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend! We will be relaxing at the house for Halloween as I'm just too tired to go anywhere, but if you would like some candy I will answer the door for you :)

New Decor!

So I should never be allowed inside Hobby Lobby without another person or a very strict shopping list.

Last Friday I decided that I needed to decorize (yes I made that up) our new home with some holiday items. So of course I went to Hobby Lobby... I love that store... and I love it so much that I spent 1.5 hours there just walking up and down a total of 6 aisles... yes just 6 aisles. The first 3 were fall/Thanksgiving and the other 3 were Christmas...

And I won't lie... I got a little too excited when I got to this aisle so I had to do a little dance...

Of course I couldn't video myself so you have to settle with the thumbs up picture :)

But I did buy some new decorations for the house and here are just a few:

this is on our coffee table...

Our Fowler Funkin (yes that is the name) has survived all these years of moving! I love our fireplace right now with all the decorations lined up on it!

And it wouldn't be complete without the beautiful handmade pumpkins from my dear friend Molly (get yours at

Have I mentioned that I love fall! And so you can assume that I went overboard with my budget whilst shopping for beautiful decorations and I will admit that I did get carried away... but Robert loved everything so I give myself an A+ :) Plus when I called to tell him I was getting a few things for the house he said "Ok, get whatever you want!" which is translated to me as "Have fun and please go crazy" :)

Now I didn't get any Christmas things this time (just walked up and down the aisles with a big kid like grin on my face) but there is always next time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

God's Painting

This was the painting God left for me in the sky today... on my way home from work, this was the picture I captured before I turned into my garage... breathtaking and beautiful.

My God is greater, my God is stronger, God You are higher than any other :)

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally got a ticket...

Well not really... See I have never gotten a speeding ticket or parking ticket. The only issued ticket I've ever had was a bike ticket- I was riding my bike on the A&M campus on the wrong side of the road and I got pulled over by a bike cop. Yes it was embarrassing and dumb. But I don't count it as a real ticket.
So a few Fridays ago I was with my mom for the afternoon and as I usually do, I parked in my dad's space of the garage. I figured we would arrive home before he would, although this was not the case. So I found the following things on my car:

Parents WithOut Parking Spaces

Yes, my dad designed his own ticket. This is not the first one of these I have had on my car from him, although he is getting more and more creative...

Oh funny daddy! I will continue to use his space when he is not there, just to see how much more creative he gets ;) Oh and my last ticket said I had to pay 1,283,254,876,965 times the National debt... I wonder what the payment will be next time. hehe.

Birthday #26

This year's birthday was quite exceptional. In the midst of work and exciting extracurricular activities going on we managed to have a little fun. My actual birthday was on Wednesday so the youth group got to partake in some birthday cake made by my mom. They were very sweet and excited to make it a surprise :)

Then on Saturday we were supposed to have lunch and games with my family, but my parents became sick... so Robert and I went to Stanton Trade Days with my brother, sister and their two kids. We then spent the rest of the day at their house playing wii games and watching the Aggies play. It was a great weekend and week!
Robert and MB before going to Trade Days

Stacy and JD

The yummy and delicious peanut butter and chocolate birthday cake my mom made...obviously it didn't last long enough for a whole picture :)

And flowers that Robert sent to me at work- well he sent them the week earlier to cheer me up from having a stressful day, but they are still gorgeous!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Love Grows Strong...

So Robert and I haven't had real professional pictures taken of us since our wedding... 3 years ago. So I asked my amazing and talented (and beautiful) friend Kate from The Wild Curl Photography to take some shots of us. Here are a few of my favorites (the others werent able to load for some odd reason, but I'll get them up here sometime)...

The first one explains everything about our relationship...

Which one is your favorite?

Thank you Kate for being so wonderful and tender hearted to put up with us! We truly enjoy being around you!

I can't wait to put some of these new photos up in our home! You should come by to see them :)
Happy week everyone!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Aggies are We...

As promised, the rest of the good pictures form my weekend reunion with the roomates in College Station. Once again, it was a blast and I miss them so much! We are already planning next years reunion in Tracy's town- Portland! So good to have these girls!

La Bodega- our favorite restaurant!

Midnight Yell Practice Friday! It was hot and humid, but so worth it!
And we remembered most of the yells... most of them

And of course...Antonio's pizza by the slice after yell, mmm

Our seats at the game... awesome!

New things on campus... the large Aggie Ring

New Alumni Center Fountain

The linked Aggie Rings... how sweet

The MSC... or was the MSC, now is being remodeled. How sad.

And the new "War on Terrorism" Memorial

It was awesome to walk around the campus and see all the new things, and some of the same old things that we came to love and enjoy (and hate) while we were students. So good to walk down memory lane! It was a Friday to Sunday experience, but of course we went to all our favorite eating places :
-La Bodega
-Antonio's Pizza
-Kaloche Rolffs
-Wings N More
-Sweet Eugenes
-and Blue Baker

yum :)

Aggieland, I miss you!