Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Minute to Win It Summer

So I haven't posted these in a long time, but we have completed many other Minute to Win it are a few of the favorites from the remainder of the summer:

Candelier: Contestant must use plastic cups and paper plates to create an upside down chandelier. We didn't have flat plates so instead we did our tower from 1 to 3 than back to 1... you'll see.

On the Nose: Contestants must use petroleum jelly on their nose to transfer a cotton ball to a plate without it dropping.

Junk in the Trunk: Contestants must bounce out 6 ping pong balls placed in a kleenex box tied around their waste.
(A few things about this one: first watch in the right bottom corner for Jo, good technique, then in the top right corner for Robert who is laughing at Jo... oh and listen for the laugh)

Chocolate Unicorn: Using chocolate ding dongs, make a stack of them on your forehead 5 high. Must stay for 3 seconds to win... this only works if you have a flat forehead :)

Speed Eraser: Contestants must bounce a pencil on its eraser end into a cup. Obviously the winner was very good at bouncing pencils...

Hope you enjoyed them. Next post will be the games from the Ultimate Finale of all the winners which occurred tonight. Great stuff!

Have a blessed week everyone! Glad its a short one thanks to Labor Day!

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