Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking forward...

I am posting this video because I just remembered it and it does kind of make me laugh at 9:45 on a Wednesday night. So, for you all to enjoy...its the Wave slide at Rock the Desert. Lalo and I are racing. It was hot remind you. really hot! Wait till the end and watch me on the right at the bottom.

Yes, my skin got stuck to the slide thing and so I had no choice but to tumble down to the finish line. Lalo, you won, hands down.

So, with all the busy-ness settling in (and I do mean good busy-ness) the fall for sure is looking promising! And I'm almost done with some more of my summer goals. Yes it is now September, and thus no longer summer, but I'm just about complete with the last of the goals including finishing a Frank Peretti book. Sadly, the goals that didn't make it include riding bikes or learning 10 new spanish phrases (I got about 6 new ones though). Well maybe I'll do them in the fall :)

I can't wait for some exciting things coming up:
-this weekend, NazNite at Six Flags with the teens!
-in 3 weekends, roomate reunion in College Station at the football game!
-October, my birthday :)
-Plus some exciting things at work and with Robert in the works :)

Stay tuned!

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