Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock The Desert

Yes this is way late, but never-the-less here are pictures from RTD 2010:

Pineapple Drinks- yum!

Robert tried to fall alseep, but they just kept falling on him :)

Girls sleep over at my house! Chocolate fondue!

We made tye-dye shirts for the occasion- they turned out awesome!
The girls with our fearless pastor- Art

So RTD started Friday night for us, then Saturday we hosted a couple of Nazarene churches in our district for some games, lunch, and a small devotion before heading out to RTD. However, when we got to RTD is was out of this world HOT!! So we left at 3:00ish and swam for a little while in shorts and t-shirts before coming back out around 6:00ish. BEST IDEA EVER! We will definitely do this again next year :) But I have no pictures of this because I was too busy cooling off myself :)

Of course we spent some time with the mechanical bull

The brightly colored specs on their shirts is from a glow bracelet that snapped open and they decided to fling it on each other so they would glow. No worries, of course it said non-toxic :)

So one of the things they did at RTD this year, was try to break the World Record for largest line dance with the cupid shuffle. I of course was the videographer who tried to capture the thousands of people doing this in the dark... it may make you a little sick at times b/c it was hard to stand in one place, but here is the video of the record breaking line dance :)

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