Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, We did...

Have a great time in Dallas...

oh and we bought a car :)
Meet Erin, the Edge
She's so pretty! She's a used car, but we love her!
Although I was very sad to say goodbye to Ruby II, my faithful companion through college and the first few years of our marriage... goodbye Ruby II...you were awesome!

Now on with the tour of our Dallas trip:
We first headed out Friday evening and decided that we would stop in Abilene for dinner and to make a run to Walmart as I was having an allergic skin reaction to something... so we also bought some tunes for the weekend.

And then we went to RED ROBIN (yumm)! I miss this place and was excited to get to stop in and eat my favorite meal- bbq chicken wrap

And of course I got the freckled lemonade which is delicious!

We arrived in Dallas late and enjoyed sleeping in Saturday morning. We then went to Panera for breakfast, got ready for the day, and headed to McKinney (my favorite town in Dallas) to shop for our car. After lunch at Which Which and some awesome negotiating on Robert's part, we said goodbye to Ruby II and drove to the Allen Outlet mall in Erin. It was so much fun! Then we met up with my amazing friend Ashley and headed to dinner at PF Changs at a really cool shopping center called WATERS.

mmm... PF Changs was good... as was this 6 layer chocolate cake (I only ate like 1.5 layers)
Then we went for a little walk around the shopping center (although it was closed) and found this outside book sell from Borders... Needless to say we found some interesting book titles:
A dose of Advance Your Swagger

Also, I Think There's a Terrorist in My Soup...
One of my other favorite titles was Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself
How random! But it was fun to look around... until I saw...
Yes that may be a white speck on the picture but its actually a HUGE spider that was spinning this awesome web as I watched in the lamplight. eww

Sunday we woke up and went to one of our friends church that he pastors. It was good to see them as it had been about a year if not more since we last saw them. We miss you Zack and Correy! Then we went to BJ's in Roanoke to eat with Robert's brother and sister-in-law and of course our niece MJ.

Oh I forgot we bought her a sucker at the Chocolate store in the Allen Outlet Mall...it was almost too pretty to eat, but she did :)

Well after a great trip we were tired, but happy to have a new vehicle, some good clothes, and many more wonderful memories to cherish! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Be blessed!

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