Thursday, July 29, 2010

So August is like right around the corner and its time to check in on my summer goals and what all I need to accomplish in the last few weeks!

Goals I have accomplished are:
-Have a great time with our youth at teen camp
-Eat at Red Robin- yay!! love that place and wish I could eat there over and over...
-Watch as God dramatically changes someones life- that happened this weekend!
-Visit friend/family in Dallas- although we didn't get to see everyone!
-Acquire new furniture pieces for the home- the loveseat, and hopefully some more things coming soon
-Take more pictures- and videos!
-Relearn my old favorite piano songs- not all of them, but I have played a few of my old favorites

Goals in progress:
-Start and finish another Frank Perretti novel- i'm on the prophet and its good
--Have someone take pictures of me and Robert- will be done in August!
-learn 10 new phrases in Spanish- I've got about 5 new ones so far
-Have more coffee dates with friends- come on Midland people we need to get together!
and hopefully... -putting everything in its place in our new home- I really want to do this!

How are you coming with your summer goals?

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Molly Swanson said...

hey girl! You are coming along great! ....I would LOVE to help you with the coffee one!:)