Monday, July 5, 2010

Min to Win Game Night 3

This should catch me up on our Youth group games...

Games in the Park was the theme for last Wednesday. It was alot of fun although we were praying for it not to rain... which it didn't yay! Here are a few shots from the night as well as this weeks Min to Win it games...

Guys group hug after our water fight broke out

Group 1 Game: Shoe Fly Shoe
Contestants must flick a shoe with their foot onto a table 15 feet away and land it upright.

Group Game 2: Stick the Landing
Contestants must toss a water bottle into a table and land it upright...this took forever and we had to change the rules to whoever could just get the bottle to stay on the table.

Win Off Game: Ka-Broom
Contestants must use a broom handle to launch a marshmallow set on a paper plate into the air and catch it with a cup. Winner was the first to catch 2... obviously I didn't film this b/c I had to scramble to keep the plates full of marshmallows (which were devoured at the end, you'll see)

Good times! Fourth of July weekend post coming soon!

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