Thursday, July 1, 2010

Min to Win Game Night 2

So I know I've been posting alot about out youth group lately, but I can't help it that they are a pretty fun group :)

We have some exciting other things going on in the next few weeks though so keep posted for those updates!

For now its the Minute to Win it game night #2!

Group 1 game: Hanky Panky
Contestants must use one hand to pull out all the tissues in a tissue box one at a time... we had a few cheaters on this as you can see in the video, but due to the video we picked two winners

Group 2 Game: Paper Dragon
Contestants must use only one hand to unravel a stream of crepe paper

Win Off Game: Dizzy Mummy
Contestants must unroll one roll of toilet paper by spinning in a circle... on the show if the paper breaks you are out, but for us it was the first person to unroll the whole thing

I still haven't decided what kind of prize to give to the winners at the end of the summer... does anyone have any good prize ideas?

Get ready for the weekend... oh wait... looong weekend yay! and I'm so glad that Robert will have Monday off with me so we can have extra time together :)

Be Blessed!

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