Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Friday

Today was a fun Friday. I went to work (well that wasn't on the fun part, but it turned out to be a slow day which allowed me to catch up on some things :), then I went to pick up my mom and my grandmother and we ate lunch at Olive Garden (soup and salad!). Afterwards we went to the Ivy Cottage to look for some fun purchases (I bought a gift for a friend and a calendar for our fridge) then it was on to Starbucks for a rainy day treat (caramel macchiatto with iced lemon pound cake...yum!). I took the ladies home then and went home to shampoo the living room carpet (b/c it was gross) before Robert picked me up, took me to Texas Roadhouse where we met my father in law and our "younger brother" Isaac. To finish off the night Isaac came home with us to play some Wii!! I've been missing our wii as we just haven't had time to play it lately so I was glad to bust out all the remotes again.

It was just a fun day! I hope your Friday was awesome and that you have a great weekend.

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