Monday, June 28, 2010

Youth Group Games

Summer Youth Group Games have begun :)

Disclaimer: After you see these games I know you are all going to try some of these yourselves...don't deny it...just embrace it

So we have begun a series of games with our youth group on Wednesdays. There is a new fun show on NBC called Minute to Win It that takes ordinary household items and creates hilarious games out of them. On the show each contestant gets one minute to complete each task before moving on to the next one in hopes to win 1 million dollars at the end. We aren't giving away a million dollars (sorry teens) but we hope to offer a fun prize to our winners at the end of the summer. And we had to change the rules around to apply some of these games to a multitude of people playing at once to save time. But its made for some very funny wednesday nights :)

Game night one... [we divided the whole group into 2 smaller groups and then had the winner of each of those groups compete in an ultimate win game]
Challenge group 1 game: Face the Cookie
Contestants use only their face muscles to move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth. No hands allowed!

Challenge group 2 game: Caddy Stack
Contestants must stack 3 golf balls (we did 2) on top of each other

Ultimate Win Game: Bite Me
Contestants must use only their mouth to grab paper bags of 4", 6", 8", and 10" heights off the ground and place them on a table. No part of their body except the feet may touch the floor. This is hard! You must be really flexible to pull this off...

Now tell me you aren't going to try some of these! I'll post the video of Robert's attempt of the Bite Me game... its pretty entertaining... But I think I've given you enough videos for one blog. We have more games coming up! Stay Tuned!

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