Sunday, June 13, 2010

We are back home!

Yes I say that and I'm sure some of you didn't even know that we left town... except for the lack of posting for 1.5 weeks should have been a sign... Anyways... we have been at Youth Camp near Waxahachie, TX at the Lakeview Conference Center. Awesome camp ground! I have a ton of pictures and videos from this experience so I will be using the whole week to share the stories. We left Monday and returned Friday late, but we have also had a very busy weekend so I apologize for just now informing you of my absence.

And on top of being gone I once again came down with some sort of sickness... last Friday I got a fever and spent the whole afternoon in bed and taking Advil (luckily I don't work on Friday afternoons, but it did delay getting things together for camp). I also spent all of Saturday in bed except for a very miserable trip to the store for camp supplies as well as Sunday morning in bed due to feeling awful! I was very nervous about having to get things together for camp and also concerned that I wasn't going to get better before having to make the 6 hour drive with our teenagers into the hot and humid weather... But thanks to my extra stash of antibiotics I was able to be put at ease... well sort of. I'm mostly over this sickness now although I caught a small head cold while at camp and still have the sniffles.

But more on the excitement from camp this week! For now I'm going to read all the blogs I missed while we were gone!

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