Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OK Slow Down Summer!

So I know that its only June and I am still working and therefore have no real summer anymore, but everything is going so fast! I really can't believe mine and Robert's anniversary has already passed and that we are getting ready for the 4th of July... wow. And with this fast paced summer has come so many things!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. This is my Dad and my hero.
Obviously we went swimming for father's day, had a cookout, all the good stuff! And we even went to go see Toy Story 3 (in Digital 3D). "J" just loved the 3D glasses... he wore them the rest of the day which was probably not a good thing...

Second, let me just add that I hate 3D movies b/c they make me feel all weird like I've just ridden a rollercoaster or something... but I kept the glasses on the whole time and dealt with my headache afterwards...

Third, my summertime list is being marked off as we speak! Here are some items already completed:
-Have a fantastic time with our youth at Teen Camp
-Watch as God dramatically changes someone's life
-Take more pictures: let me just say that I have loaded my camera with pictures and that there is no way they are all going to make it on here...but I have done this!

Fourth, work is really crazy right now, but I still love love love my job! Getting to work with kids is fun (and even more reminder of why we don't have kids right now), but besides work being crazy...my calendar is going crazy. Starting this weekend I will be out of town every weekend until the 2nd weekend in August (which happens to be Rock the Desert, so really I'll be busy then too). I have conferences to go to, trips with the family, a trip with Robert, trips with the teens, and a trip to see some friends. Wow. It will be fun although I may have to make a rule that I travel nowhere for several weeks afterwards!

And Lastly, our house has mold in it. [sad face] but luckily its contained to a small segment behind our shower and in our closet...and luckily we found what was causing the mold... a huge crack in the grout of our shower. If you have a tiled shower be sure that you regrout or reseal the grout every year to avoid cracks...apparently the people before us never got that memo...bummer. But its starting to get under control so hopefully I won't have to lose my nerve.

Thats it for right now. I can't wait tomorrow to announce the fun games we are playing with our youth this summer. Yes there are videos. Yes you will have fun watching them. Yes you should be excited :)

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