Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A time to RELAX

So work has been pretty crazy lately with us changing around our offices and everything, plus moving into the house leaves no time for proper and sleep or relaxation.... but on Tuesday my body was fighting I had to give in. I cancelled myself from attending the nightly prayer gathering at our church (which I love going to and was sad to miss), but I knew if I didn't find time to relax and sleep I would soon become ill... no good.

So I fixed up a hot bubble bath, grabbed some cheetos, my favorite book, and even some hot chocolate c/o my Keurig coffee maker (they make hot cocoa pods now!) and I spent 30 minutes just relaxing...

It worked wonders! I then went to sleep at 8:15 and had the most restful and reenergizing rest that I really did need.
Wednesday has been much happier since then! Be sure you all take time to relax, because in a world so busy and crazy we all need some "me" time.
Have a great Wednesday! I hope we can have some house pictures up this weekend!

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Molly Swanson said...

hey Jenn! This looks fantastic! I'm proud of you for taking time to rest :)Lets absolutely reschedule our double date...can't wait to see your awesome new home! lots of love,molly