Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking to the Summer

So I was reading my friend's blog and she mentioned summer goals and I thought...I need to do this! Why...because I like creating lists of things to look forward to and because its always good to have a goal in mind. So here is my list of Things I want to do this summer:

-Have a fantastic time with our youth at Teen Camp
-Watch as God dramatically changes someone's life
-Officially put everything in its place at our home
-Acquire fun new furniture pieces for the home
-Visit friends/family in Dallas
-Make something unique
-Take more pictures
-Have someone take pictures of Robert and I (3 year anniversary coming soon)
-Ride bikes with Robert
-Learn 5 new recipes that are easy, good, and healthier
-Eat at Red Robin (I love that place!)
-Start and finish another Frank Peretti novel
-Relearn my old favorite piano songs
-Watch at least 10 classic scary/horror movies with my mother
-Set aside $10 a week to go towards a new wardrobe when the fall comes
-Have more coffee dates with friends (who wants to come?)
-and learn 10 new phrases in Spanish to better communicate with my patients and friends at church

Think I can fit it all in? We'll see! What are your goals!


Anonymous said...

i'd love to come have coffee (or tea, in my case) with you! and ride bikes! wish it was easier...
miss you so much! - tracy

Molly Swanson said...

I love this!!! ...I wanna have coffee! :)

roBUT & loLER said...

When are you hoping to visit Dallas? I'd love to see you! Red Robin is just around the corner from me, and of course there's a Starbucks in a stone's throw in any given direction. :)