Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Fowler Home

Well they aren't the greatest pictures, but then again its always hard to capture rooms with a camera lens... anyhow this is a small walk through of our home. I didn't get pictures of the two guest rooms (well one is an office and the other is a blank room with no guest furniture yet, but the skeleton lives in there for now)... but they aren't fixed up yet anyway... so enjoy the walk through via pictures!

one of my favorite little spots...

guest bathroom

The hallway between the two guest rooms

What a blessing it is to own a home at last! I truly believe God has given us this house as a reward for all the years... hard years... we had to spend long distance from each other. I just hope we can continue to give back all the glory to Him for the ways he has provided. Be blessed friends and have a great week!

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