Sunday, May 23, 2010

Concerts and Gatherings

So this weekend was full of busy stuff... but lots of fun and amazing stuff. Friday, Robert and I took our youth group to a free concert that Air 1 radio station was putting on... the bands were The Wrecking (I bought their shirt :), Satellites and Sirens, The Red Airplanes (they were awesome!), and Manic Drive. The teens loved it! And we had a large group go so that was extra fun... although the weather was quite scary with high (like really HIGH) winds, thunder, lightning, and rain. During the concert it got extremely hot so some of the girls and I went outside to breath and they posed for a shot pointing at the scary looking sky:

Afterwards we went to Whataburger for shakes and fries before taking everyone home.

Also, Friday night at midnight started our church's 24 hours of prepare for the Global Day of Prayer which is today (Sunday)... so Robert and I spent alot of time on Saturday praying for our assigned times and then joined with some of the youth group to lift up one another in and their schools... yes I took a moment to peak and take a picture:

I love seeing God's power work in all people of all ages!
Next Robert and I spent the afternoon at my nephews birthday party ( I do have pictures ready!).
Sunday was officially the day of prayer and our church hosted the Permian Basin Day of Prayer Gathering which I just got home from... and I just love getting praise God and sing and pray and fellowship with believers! How awesome! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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