Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Spoiled

So once again my coworkers are awesome! I brought my lunch today (trying to be good before Memorial Day) but 2 of my coworkers had to get their lunch... and they each brought me a beverage to pep up the afternoon... Diet coke from Rosas's (yum) and a light Mocha Frapp with Caramel from Strabucks (another yum)! Thanks guys! I should be good to go till 6!
What is everyone doing for the weekend?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lunchtime dilemma

So let me start this out by saying that I love my coworkers... they are awesome... but never again will I succumb to my silence on this issue...

Well we had to turn our computers off at lunch today which ruined my plans of helping a new coworker get his paperwork in order for his license... SOO a few of my coworkers decided to go to lunch. One guy really wanted to go eat Chinese. There is a place in Odessa called ChinaMex... probably the only place on Earth that you can get fried rice and spanish rice/ egg rolls and quesadillas... and they actually taste good! In fact, this restaurant is so good that it is hard to get in and out in a normal lunch period. But never-the-less we decided Chinese was the winner and ChinaMex bound we were...

Until...we got in the car and realized we were short on time. So instead we went to Chinese Cuisine... a buffet.

I don't like Chinese buffets.

And I can't tell you why either... there is just something about them that makes me want to gag. BUT because I love my coworkers and that they were craving Chinese... I kept my mouth shut and tried not to think about the buffet part as I filled my plate with sushi, rice, egg rolls, and chicken stuff with noodles (I mean who really knows what is was called). It was good, but I was very muchly looking forward to ChineMex... oh time.

Although... Chinese Cuisine did make up for the buffet gagging feeling by offering soft serve ice cream. And yes I did bypass the little tiny microscopic cups they had and I used a regular sized styrofoam drinking glass instead...and I filled it all swirly with mixed chocolate and vanilla... mmmm. Ice cream always does make the world better right?!

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Concerts and Gatherings

So this weekend was full of busy stuff... but lots of fun and amazing stuff. Friday, Robert and I took our youth group to a free concert that Air 1 radio station was putting on... the bands were The Wrecking (I bought their shirt :), Satellites and Sirens, The Red Airplanes (they were awesome!), and Manic Drive. The teens loved it! And we had a large group go so that was extra fun... although the weather was quite scary with high (like really HIGH) winds, thunder, lightning, and rain. During the concert it got extremely hot so some of the girls and I went outside to breath and they posed for a shot pointing at the scary looking sky:

Afterwards we went to Whataburger for shakes and fries before taking everyone home.

Also, Friday night at midnight started our church's 24 hours of prepare for the Global Day of Prayer which is today (Sunday)... so Robert and I spent alot of time on Saturday praying for our assigned times and then joined with some of the youth group to lift up one another in and their schools... yes I took a moment to peak and take a picture:

I love seeing God's power work in all people of all ages!
Next Robert and I spent the afternoon at my nephews birthday party ( I do have pictures ready!).
Sunday was officially the day of prayer and our church hosted the Permian Basin Day of Prayer Gathering which I just got home from... and I just love getting praise God and sing and pray and fellowship with believers! How awesome! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking to the Summer

So I was reading my friend's blog and she mentioned summer goals and I thought...I need to do this! Why...because I like creating lists of things to look forward to and because its always good to have a goal in mind. So here is my list of Things I want to do this summer:

-Have a fantastic time with our youth at Teen Camp
-Watch as God dramatically changes someone's life
-Officially put everything in its place at our home
-Acquire fun new furniture pieces for the home
-Visit friends/family in Dallas
-Make something unique
-Take more pictures
-Have someone take pictures of Robert and I (3 year anniversary coming soon)
-Ride bikes with Robert
-Learn 5 new recipes that are easy, good, and healthier
-Eat at Red Robin (I love that place!)
-Start and finish another Frank Peretti novel
-Relearn my old favorite piano songs
-Watch at least 10 classic scary/horror movies with my mother
-Set aside $10 a week to go towards a new wardrobe when the fall comes
-Have more coffee dates with friends (who wants to come?)
-and learn 10 new phrases in Spanish to better communicate with my patients and friends at church

Think I can fit it all in? We'll see! What are your goals!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Fowler Home

Well they aren't the greatest pictures, but then again its always hard to capture rooms with a camera lens... anyhow this is a small walk through of our home. I didn't get pictures of the two guest rooms (well one is an office and the other is a blank room with no guest furniture yet, but the skeleton lives in there for now)... but they aren't fixed up yet anyway... so enjoy the walk through via pictures!

one of my favorite little spots...

guest bathroom

The hallway between the two guest rooms

What a blessing it is to own a home at last! I truly believe God has given us this house as a reward for all the years... hard years... we had to spend long distance from each other. I just hope we can continue to give back all the glory to Him for the ways he has provided. Be blessed friends and have a great week!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A time to RELAX

So work has been pretty crazy lately with us changing around our offices and everything, plus moving into the house leaves no time for proper and sleep or relaxation.... but on Tuesday my body was fighting I had to give in. I cancelled myself from attending the nightly prayer gathering at our church (which I love going to and was sad to miss), but I knew if I didn't find time to relax and sleep I would soon become ill... no good.

So I fixed up a hot bubble bath, grabbed some cheetos, my favorite book, and even some hot chocolate c/o my Keurig coffee maker (they make hot cocoa pods now!) and I spent 30 minutes just relaxing...

It worked wonders! I then went to sleep at 8:15 and had the most restful and reenergizing rest that I really did need.
Wednesday has been much happier since then! Be sure you all take time to relax, because in a world so busy and crazy we all need some "me" time.
Have a great Wednesday! I hope we can have some house pictures up this weekend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Love

Sorry we have been MIA once again, but the move is going great and we are beginning to see the boxes disappear and our home emerge again. Pictures are coming soon once we can get a few decorative items in place.

But this blog is dedicated today to my mom...

I love how we always take fun trips together and reminisce of old songs the family would sing
I love how we LOVE scary movies and how they actually make us laugh
I love how I look so much like you
I love how you taught me so much about being a great woman and wife... and someday a mother
I love how you love me regardless of when we argue
I love how you sing and always fill my heart with music
and most importantly... I love how you love Jesus and have never lost your faith despite all the hardships that have come your way.

I can truly learn alot from you... thank you Mom.

Happy Mother's day to all the moms and especially the new moms out there!

Have a great week everyone!