Monday, April 5, 2010

A Speechless Easter Celebration

So Thursday at work I for the second time starting this job got a fever... or better yet, I got sent home for my fever (like I was in elementary school or something) fever lasted until Friday and then Saturday I was feeling pretty good. Except that it was so windy that I caught some allergies and of course...Sunday comes and I have laryngitis. I wasn't able to go to church or sing my favorite songs which was sad... but regardless I was still able to enjoy some fun Easter celebrations.

The Gathering Easter cookout (it was so in the wind that brought on the allergies)
But it was so much fun!

I'm pretty sure we had over 1300 eggs out in that park...

Easter afternoon with my family.

Isn't his Easter basket cute! My Sister in law's sister made it (got it right?)
This was taken by my sister earlier that day...check out those expressions!

Talk about just good ole fun with family and friends to celebrate the greatest thing Christ did for us! And I didn't eat too much candy :)

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