Monday, April 12, 2010

An Ear Full

So, last Thursday I went home from work for a fever...still had it on Friday...was feeling great Saturday morning and then was out in the wind (yes I mentioned this in my last blog, but I'm getting to the new part)...caught laryngitis on Saturday which was still there through Monday...then during my last hour of work my ear felt like it was going to explode... so I had our audiologist at work look at it on Tuesday morning and she pretty much silently freaked out and suggested I get to a doctor asap. So I go to a doc-in-the-box place around the corner from my work where I'm given some pretty strong antibiotics and sent on my way...I somehow make it through the rest of the day at work and church with the most severe ear ache I've ever had... and the story gets better...

Wednesday I woke up feeling aweful, my ear hurt, my eye was draining (eww I know its gross), and I was so tired I just couldn't imagine that my body was able to fight off whatever infection was attacking me... but of course I went to work anyway and about fell out of my chair the whole morning due to severe dizziness (thanks to my inner ear now being full of fluid and gunk). I ended up going home Wednesday afternoon to rest and to save myself from falling on the floor during a treatment with a child.

So Thursday comes around and I had to be at work since my colleagues were all going to be gone for previous engagements which meant I had to be on my game... and the dizziness was worse. I was holding on to the walls and equipment, resting my head on my desk, and I even took a nap during lunch because my body was in rejection of staying awake... BUT I made it through the day and although Friday wasn't too much better I ended up surviving into the weekend.

Now my ear infection is gone, but I still have limited hearing in that ear due to the continued pressence of pressure and fluid... and to top it all off I went to an orthopedic specialist today to have a look at my hips which have bothered me for the past 2 years... I think I'm all doctored out.

I hope all of you are well and healthy!

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