Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day To Remember

So Tuesday was a big day for Robert and I. I apologize for not posting about it until now, and even at this moment I don't have any pictures ready to share this event (mostly because I'm writing this at work, oops hehe). Not ONLY were we closing on our house on Tuesday, but that date April 27th represents 8 years together! Yes, 8 years ago Tuesday we were going to prom as our very first date. We woke up Tuesday morning and went to IHOP before heading to the abstract office and had so much fun laughing about fun memories we remember such as the progressive dinner we had with all our friends, how we held hands the first time at the dance, played basketball in our fancy clothes, and ended the night with our first kiss. I'll never forget that first date!

And so now we have officially closed on the house, we have all the keys on our key rings, and are conducting a very thorough cleaning job before moving our stuff in... will have pictures soon!

Thank you Robert for 8 amazing years!

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